PayTabs is an innovative payments and fraud prevention company built to provide buyers and sellers an advanced technology to make and accept payment. PayTabs caters to growing small and medium enterprises, large corporations and the e-commerce market by empowering them with a range of comprehensive payment solutions.


Employee Perspective

Check out the perspective of one of our team members on our culture, and the type of environment you can expect between the family of PayTabs.

Town-hall Meetings

PayTabs grew with a foundation of incredible diversity between our team, something you'll notice during our monthly Town-hall meetings that are designed to bring us together to revisit our mission.

Culture 101

Hear from the HR department on how they maintain and engage the employees of PayTabs to ensure a consistent awesome experience at the office.


About Our Space

An entire floor designed for collaberation, teamwork, and synergy. Our space is divided between the different teams we have, whilst still allowing an open space environment that feels like you're part of one big unit.


About our Team

Hear from Christine about how the family of PayTabs works together, and the kind of experience and values you can expect from being a part of their team.

Meet Abdulaziz, our CEO

Abdulaziz (or AA as we like to call him), is the co-founder of PayTabs, he's a visionary who leads PayTabs with global ambitions. His love for entrepreneurship and innovation stems from his childhood and university days where his studies mostly focused on technology and eCommerce.

Meet Christine, our Partner Relationship Officer

Christine manages and supports partnerships with payment facilitators, acquiring banks, wholesalers and huge merchants; finding gaps, challenges and providing solutions by coordinating with project teams and internal management.

Meet Zainab, our Human Resources Assistant

Zainab administrates the day-to-day operations of the human resources functions and duties. She carries out responsibilities in all of the following functional areas such as the on-boarding procedures, departmental development, employee relations, training and development amongst other things.


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