Limefish Design

We are a Bahrain based creative design studio. We provide high-end design services like branding, product design, video production, and motion graphics. We pride ourselves on our original concepts and attention to detail in everything we do.

Our Workspace

Designed to create an atmosphere of creativity, our studio is Disneyland for designers, desks with perfect lighting, a table with all the equipment and tools a designer might need, and a library of learning resources ready to serve creative people of any caliber.

Life at Limefish

Doing what we love is the key concept of our story, we are a team of skilled designers, typographers, filmmakers, writers, photographers, and creators who find themselves combining their talents while working to create beautiful and functional designs.


We believe that to create great work, you should be passionate about what you do. That’s why we make sure that every member does what they love and enjoys the process of creation and cares about quality of process rather than just the outcome.


Collaboration and team work are big parts of how we work at Limefish. The team often gets together to discuss updates and everyone gets to give their input and ideas, bringing in their individual strengths and creativity to create our best works.


If you who are hungry to learn, you would fit right in our team. Our team members’ personal growth and continual learning is an important pillar of our team culture. We encourage co-learning so we can all share our experiences and learn from each other.

How we work

We’d describe our work culture as a balance between fun and enjoyable environment with meticulous approach to work. Our work comprises of a variety of project scopes, and every team member must be open to learning and have a growth mindset enabling them to wear multiple hats and be proactive.


Limefish Design doesn't have any live opportunities at the moment, follow them to get notified of their opportunities.