First Bahrain Real Estate Development Co.

We are an innovative regional real estate development company dedicated to achieving sustainable returns through collaborative relationships. Our diverse portfolio includes El Mercado Janabiya, El Mercado Village, and Majaal Warehouse Co.


Omar Al Temiemy

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Taylor

Chief Financial Officer

Yasser Abu-Lughod

Chief Development Officer

How we work

Our Work

First Bahrain exists to initiate and orchestrate real estate developments which bring enduring value and sustainable prosperity to both our communities and to our shareholders


How we collaborate

We are a small and diverse team managing a multitude of projects on various fronts. Our team is divided into sub-teams focusing on development, finance, operations, and business development. This involves daily collaberation and synergy to ensure we meet the company goals.

3 qualities we're always looking for

1- Being a team player
Being a team player is essential to working towards our goals in this company as we're a small team and all work is done collaboratively.

2- Flexibility
We lead various projects on several fronts so each member needs to be flexible and supportive of all departments.

3- Excellent Communication
Communication is a key quality for all of our team members as we manage a large portfolio of companies, suppliers, customers, and tenants.


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