We’re expanding! With that expansion, we need to enhance different parts of our platform. We’re looking for talented soon-to-be web developers who are keen on learning, and are excited to be part of building meaningful technology. 


This internship is two months long, it’s a paid internship, and you will have a clear development plan throughout it. The internship is broken down into 3 phases, week 1 as induction, 6 weeks for the project implantation, and 1 week for concluding learnings and supporting you in the next action steps (whether that’s applying for full-time jobs, or building your CV). 


  • Working with our development team to enhance key parts of the front end of the platform 
  • Supporting in the process of a UI refresh 
  • Working on implementing changes to the website’s UI

An ideal candidate would be

  • University students or recent graduates 
  • Has the basic understanding of HTML & CSS, and is able to quickly learn if needed 
  • The kind of person to Google things when they get stuck 
  • Passionate about creating technology for helping people 
  • Has a clear idea of their weaknesses and how the internship could help them develop

Wait! there is more.

We’re a small team, we’re extremely results oriented, and we’re very fun to be around (especially when there’s coffee involved). 

This opportunity is no longer accepting applicants