We are looking for a highly skilled translation intern who is able to translate written English content on our platform to Arabic. He/she will be communicating directly on a frequent basis with the Content Manager. Communication will be done virtually between the team members. We are flexible with our work hours, as long as the work gets done! 


You will need to:

  • Read through English material and rewrite it in the Arabic language, ensuring that the original meaning of the text is retained. 
  • Proofread and edit final translated versions for accuracy.  
  • Ensure that translation formatting is consistent. 
  • Use the appropriate device (laptop, iPad, etc.) in order to access the online platform. 

An ideal candidate would be

  • Has excellent English-Arabic translation skills, with a creative flair. 
  • Can communicate effectively with the team and provide updates on time. 
  • Is flexible and able to work remotely.
  • Has a positive attitude! 

This opportunity is no longer accepting applicants