Meet Unipal

Unipal is an online platform dedicated to enhancing the student lifestyle in Bahrain by providing students with access to discounts and offers using a unique Digital student ID.


HELP! We're looking for a social media management intern that will work with our Creative Director to produce content for social media platforms, mainly Instagram and TikTok.


  • Research social media trends and advertising best practices
  • Come up with engaging content ideas on the daily
  • Engage with our community of students
  • Be relatable
  • Plan campaigns that sound so fun that you wanna be a part of them yourself!

An ideal candidate would be

Someone who is/has a mix of a bunch of stuff:

  • The greatest communicator ever (or close to)
  • Witty & fun
  • Thorough research skills
  • Creative, out-of-box thinker
  • Not afraid to be controversial every now & then
  • Bilingual (English & Arabic - the local Bahraini lingo is a huge plus!)

Wait! there is more.

We're not your typical desk job. We'll meet when we have to, but we don't believe in the whole "be-glued-to-a-desk-from-9-to-5" kinda scheme... It's okay if you do, but breathe a little!

Also, we'll pay for your coffee if you bought it to film a super cool TikTok video for our page ;)

What To Expect

Learning a whole bunch of stuff from a small team with big energy (the good kind). Welcome to the fast-paced and kinda insane (in a good way) startup world!