Join Unipal and help the student community directly by meeting business leaders in Bahrain and attracting them to our platform!


To act as a liaison between Unipal and potential partners, to simply convince the merchants to partner with us and provide University Students discounts and maintaining the relationship between both entities.


Partnering with merchants to provide discounts to University Students

  • Locating suitable merchants and finding their contact details
  • Contacting and signing merchants onto our platform
  • Training merchants how to use our platform


Preparing and analyzing reports based on a week’s performance to understand which methods of communication are the most effective to sign merchants


Maintaining information on partners and transactions on various report-based systems (CRM, Excel, Word, Teams, etc.)


Updating competitor information by looking at their merchants and poaching them

An ideal candidate would be

Great people and selling skills


Responsible individuals who are accountable


Organised people capable of keeping track and analysing data


Motivated people who want to help their community


Bahraini Nationality

Wait! there is more.

One of our main goals is making sure all employees are contanstly improving themselves and their skills