Meet Fathom

We are Fathom. We're a marketing agency. We craft useful, productive and powerful tools for people, the businesses they own and are a part of. We use imagination, insight and our gut to create things and we use every tool at our disposal. Our mission is to grow a dynamic organizational structure with vastly talented creatives & strategists who work together to liberate markets from stagnation; steering our clients toward success through the use of innovative tools, expert knowledge, expressive storytelling, and meaningful experiences.


We’re looking for a curious mind with an interest in research, communication and storytelling.

Our candidate would have an interest and has knowledge in business, primarily marketing within the area of marketing campaign development, branding, advertising, media production, social media concept and content development.

A person that seeks to be multi-disciplined in order to develop and write ideas and research as well as being hands-on when it comes to bringing them to life through growing their skillset in related fields such as visual communication. Our candidate will be involved in creative writing, to concept level and the daily content level via social media and media content production.


Curiosity that marries good writing skills, good communication with research and problem solving is key.


Research, analysis and Ideation and content creation across all areas of services.

They will be playing a part in various responsibilities such as: 

  • Developing concepts and mood boards as part of our branding process.
  • Develop marketing strategy research and analysis for campaign planning and development.
  • Conceptualizing social media content and developing complimentary skills to play a more active role in visual and motion design.
  • Developing copy content for advertising and social media content.
  • Developing scripts for media production and storyboarding.

An ideal candidate would be

  • Curiously multi-disciplined. Interested in expanding skills in related areas.
  • Interested in marketing and relevant subjects related to good marketing skillset - Sociology, psychology, economics , statistics and culture.
  • A wide range of interests (General knowledge)
  • Has done or is keen on research in multiple areas.
  • Loves storytelling and creating engaging content.
  • Competent at creative writing and translation.
  • Willing to expand skills, knowledge and willing to grow out of their comfort zone.
  • Focused at delivering matter in hand.
  • Goal oriented, passionate and hardworking.