Flat6Labs Bahrain Investment Manager is responsible for managing the investment portfolio of both our current portfolio companies as well as the  Bahrain Startup Fund. The Investment Manager will also be part of the fundraising process for portfolio companies, maintain active relationships with local, regional and global investors, assist companies in developing their financial models and valuations, as well as supervising the legal aspects of the fundraising process. A dynamic role for a passionate individual that is keen on entrepreneurship and new technologies. 


●      Work on the development of a network of high level potential investors, high net worth individuals and different local and international financing institutions.

●      Coordinate developing the fundraising strategies with Flat6Labs Central team and partake in fundraising activities.

●      Regularly meet with investors or their representatives to discuss financial matters related to the startup fund.

●      Coordinate with the legal partners and attorneys to facilitate the process of the fund management and contracts drafting.

●      Prepare and update the required documentation for fundraising.

●      Oversee all the transactions related to the fund, including proceeds distribution.

●      Arrange meetings and follow up with graduate startups after they leave the startup fund program and ensure that they submit their status report periodically.

●      Communicate and report the status of the portfolio to the board, investors and different stakeholders.

●      Build and maintain a network of potential local and international investors who would invest in the startup companies

●      Help companies secure follow-on funding upon their graduation from the Flat6Labs Bahrain Startup Program through direct contacts and referrals.

●      Assist in the process of due diligence, structuring and negotiation of transactions between startup companies and investors when needed.

●      Nominate startups and identify the Follow-on Funding and Pre-Series A investment opportunities.

●      Supervise the legal process of startup companies incorporation and other related legalities.

●      Maintain smooth communication channels between the companies, lawyers and regulatory authorities when needed.

●      Build and maintain a database of potential investors’ profiles, information and contacts, as well as information about the size of their funds

●      Manage the fundraising process for Flat6Labs Bahrain portfolio companies, and generating reports about prospect deals and negotiated terms

●      Assist in and facilitate the due diligence process on Flat6Labs Bahrain companies for potential investors

●      Manage the portfolio of Bahrain startup Fund, including: maintaining and generating periodical reports on their business and financial position and disseminating these reports to different stakeholders

●      Assist in calculation of relevant return measures such as return on equity, pay-back period, and IRR for both forecasts and historical results

●      Build and maintain a database of equity distribution and movement within each of the startups companies

●      Interface with startup companies’ CEO’s to complete annual capital and operations budget, including a forecasts of projected monthly and quarterly cash flow requirement

●      Assist in creating and maintaining companies’ financial forecast model with advanced analysis, including what-if scenarios, to support investment and planning decisions

●      Supervise the legal process of funds transfer, stock exchange and drafting legal agreements with different investors

An ideal candidate would be

●      At least 3-5 years of experience in venture capital, private equity or investment banking.

●      Major in finance/business/economic studies.

●      Excellent English language skills.

●      Financial modeling and budgeting skills.

●      Excellent communication skills.

●      Strong project management and organizational skills.

●      Excellent technical understanding for financial software packages like Microsoft Excel, etc..

●      Proactive and highly organized, with strong time management and planning skills.

●      Attention to detail and ability to multi-task.

Wait! there is more.

●      Get the chance to work with high potential for growth startups and bright entrepreneurs in the region.

●      Engage in the buzzing startup community across the region.

●      Work in an environment supporting creativity and proactivity.

●      Competitive salary.

●      Social and medical insurance.

This opportunity is no longer accepting applicants