Meet Fathom

We are Fathom. We're a marketing agency. We craft useful, productive and powerful tools for people, the businesses they own and are a part of. We use imagination, insight and our gut to create things and we use every tool at our disposal. Our mission is to grow a dynamic organizational structure with vastly talented creatives & strategists who work together to liberate markets from stagnation; steering our clients toward success through the use of innovative tools, expert knowledge, expressive storytelling, and meaningful experiences.


Our work is project based, done in small, multi-talented and agile teams. The projects we take on include:

Branding, Brand Strategy Development, Marketing and Social Media Campaigns, Producing Media Content (photography, videography, copywriting and content writing) Web Design and Development, App Design and Development. 

Your mission at this stage in our companyʼs growth is to develop these areas of responsibility (HR & Project Coordination) into roles that can be taken over by future team members as we grow in size and it becomes feasible to dedicate an individualʼs complete time, effort and expertise. 

At this stage of growth we're looking for someone to play a big part in building our team and build their own. We're looking for people that are willing to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term rewards in forging their career and building a great company, with a great culture that's set its sights on doing great things.

We're young and looking for young blood, 1.5 to 2 years of experience.



  • Advising the CEO, admin, team directors on a strategic level. Aligning our HR to long term and short term planning. 
  • Advising the CEO and coordinating with team directors to develop our human resources (E.g. developing training courses with Team Directors, career development, skillset growth and management training). 
  • Building a company culture that stays strong, developing it so it stays relevant 
  • Administering and formulating HR policies and procedures ( E.g. incentivizing multi disciplinary skillset growth) 
  • Preparing, reviewing and maintaining HR documentation 
  • Administering payroll, profit-share bonuses, benefit and incentive schemes 
  • Liaising with government entities to ensure all HR requirements and procedures are properly implemented. 

Project Coordination 

  • Advising and assisting the CEO and our team directors in decision making with regards to our team and equipment resource scheduling 
  • Advising the CEO, team directors in implementing project processes that improve productivity and raise project standards, quality, speed and profitability (this may get more complex as we shift to developing our own products e.g. software) 
  • Coordinating with Team Directors in scheduling and allocating team resources 
  • Managing and tracking project expenses - Project specific software purchases, allowances and Profit-Share bonus.

An ideal candidate would be

Our ideal candidate would be strong in these areas:

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Adaptability
  • Drive
  • Collaboration
  • Positivity with team and clients
  • Able to take feedback and cooperative

Wait! there is more.

We are a pirate ship of misfits. Our crew is diverse. We're a set of individuals that have teamed up to create work that is profitable for us and the businesses weʼve partnered with.