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Sitra, Bahrain
31st Aug, 2018, 101 Days Left!
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About this opportunity

Sitra, Bahrain
31st Aug, 2018


Human resource managers are the overseers of the human resources department and insurers of the functions and tasks being carried out by the HR team. They are often seen as the link between an organization’s management and its employees, as their work runs the gamut from providing consultation on strategic planning with top executives to recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff.


  1. Developing and administering human resources plans and procedures that relate to company personnel
  2. Planning, organizing, and controlling the activities and actions of the HR department
  3. Contributing to the development of HR department goals, objectives, and systems
  4. Conducting annual salary surveys
  5. Developing, analyzing, and updating the company’s salary budget
  6. Developing, analyzing and updating the company’s evaluation program
  7. Developing, revising, and recommending personnel policies and procedures
  8. Maintaining and revising the company’s handbook on policies and procedures
  9. Performing benefits administration
  10. Maintaining affirmative action programs
  11. Overseeing recruitment efforts for all personnel, including writing and placing job ads
  12. Conducting new employee orientations and employee relations counselling
  13. Maintaining department records and reports
  14. Participating in administrative staff meetings
  15. Maintaining company directory and other organizational charts
  16. Recommending new policies, approaches, and procedures

Goals we'll measure you by

  1. Recruit and retain a diverse workforce to meet the needs of the organization.
  2. Provide development programs to help staff and managers accomplish their goals.
  3. Maintain a positive, values-based work environment.
  4. Administer HR policy and programs effectively and efficiently, while maintaining client satisfaction and meeting budget constraints.

An ideal candidate would be

  1. Background in Human Resources management field
  2. Minimum of 4 years of experience in the field (Ideally in Bahrain)
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Time management & self-disciplined
  5. Impartial & Objective

Wait! there is more.

We are expecting whoever joining us to be able to deal with people in a friendly and professional manner so that people can relate to you easily.