Meet Fathom

We are Fathom. We're a marketing agency. We craft useful, productive and powerful tools for people, the businesses they own and are a part of. We use imagination, insight and our gut to create things and we use every tool at our disposal. Our mission is to grow a dynamic organizational structure with vastly talented creatives & strategists who work together to liberate markets from stagnation; steering our clients toward success through the use of innovative tools, expert knowledge, expressive storytelling, and meaningful experiences.


  • We are looking for a multimedia designer capable of working exceptionally in a team environment.
  • They must be capable of doing research as it is at the base of anything we do, as well as being open to exploring and implementing the latest and up-and-coming design trends in various fields.
  • Openness to growth and eagerness towards gaining new skillsets as there’s always room to train and gain new skills to be a fully-fledged multi-disciplined team member. Internally we encourage team-work, and multimedia designers must be comfortable working in teams in order to achieve tasks efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Design with purpose: a designer is a person that puts a lot of thought into their work, and before designing anything, they must think about the purpose of what they’re producing, how an audience would respond to it, and what makes it great.




    • Conceptualizing and developing concepts for graphic design and marketing projects.
    • Presenting concepts and design/media material to clients.
    • Implementing design and media content on both digital and print platforms, with an understanding of how each platform works and what is most suitable for it.

    An ideal candidate would be

    Must have

    • Organizational Skills
    • Attention to Detail
    • Experienced in the following software:
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Premiere
    • InDesign
    • Photography
    • Videography
    • Layout and Typography
    • Logo design
    • Web design
    • UX/UI Design
    • Conceptualization
    • Illustration
    • Copywriting English / Arabic
    • Social media management

    Wait! there is more.

    • Willing to grow, develop newer skills
    • Capable of presenting their own work to clients
    • Open to feedback from team directors and team members
    • Must be able to adapt to new processes