Meet Zain Bahrain

Zain Youth is a training program that offers Bahraini students a unique opportunity to gain work experience while seeking their degrees. Participants in this program will be exposed to real business world challenges that will increase their employability skills, preparing them to take their first career steps following their graduation. The youth development program is focused on feeding the minds of students and sculpting their professional skills through teamwork, collaboration, training, and practical fieldwork. It also provides them the opportunity to develop projects and develop innovative business ideas and test them against the real. Zain is committed to the full inclusion of all qualified individuals. As part of this commitment, Zain will ensure that persons with disabilities are provided with reasonable accommodations. If a reasonable accommodation is needed to participate in the job application or interview process, to perform essential job functions, please contact ([email protected]) or DM in our IG account (”


Zain Bahrain B.S.C is actively searching for talented individuals to work within the Cyber Security department under its Technology Division.


Primary Responsibilities

Understanding the information that needs to be protected:

o   Determining security measures best suited for the type of information; and

o   Explaining the security measures taken to employers using non-technical language.

Protecting sensitive or and organization information from unauthorized access or use:

o   Identifying potential security risks;

o   Designing strategies and defensive systems against intruders;

o   Monitoring systems for unusual activities (e.g. unauthorized access, modification, duplication, or destruction of information);

o   Running counteractive protocols; and

o   Reporting incidents.

Developing new defensive systems and protocols:

o   Creating new layers of protection;

o   Updating security systems; and

o   Developing new counteractive protocols.


o   Granting permission and privileges to authorized users.

o   Working on various security and networking platforms (Routers, switches, Firewalls, WAF, ADC’s, VPN, DLP, EDR)

o   Running diagnostics on information changes to check for undetected breaches that may have occurred.

o   Analyzing new methods of intrusion

o   Keeping up-to-date on trends and new procedures in the industry; and

o   Taking the necessary precautions, updating and fortifying defenses accordingly.


  • Protecting information from unauthorized access, duplication, modification, or destruction.
  • Analyzing security measures taken to protect information.
  • Testing for and correcting possible weaknesses or openings.
  • Configuring security programs and tools.
  • Running vulnerability tests and updating defensive protocols and systems accordingly.
  • Granting access and credentials to authorized users.
  • Monitoring all access to the information.
  • Checking for unregistered changes of information.
  • Running defensive protocols and programs when breaches occur.
  • Writing regular reports on systems status.
  • Developing and maintaining security policies

An ideal candidate would be

Outstanding computer and IT skills:

o   Being familiarized with computer security systems;

o   Having an understanding of network safety protocols; and

o   Being able to run, configure, monitor, and maintain security programs and platforms (Firewalls, WAF, ADC’s, VPN, DLP, EDR).

o   Being able to run, configure, monitor, and maintain network programs and platforms (Routers, switches. Wireless).

Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills:

o   Being able to identify problems or breaches in security software; and

o   Understanding the necessary procedures to solve problems and implementing the proper protocols.

High levels of creativity and patience:

o   Being able to think of creative new ways to develop and implement security measures and preventive protocols; and

Strong decision-making skills:

o   Having a logical and analytical approach to problem-solving, being able to assess situations and decide on the best course of action;

o   Understanding test results and developing the best solutions; and

o   Reacting properly when breaches occur.

Outstanding organizational and time management skills:

o   Being able to work with complex systems and equipment;

o   Completing tasks in a timely manner;

o   Being detail-oriented, able to run repetitive tests in a thorough manner; and

o   Being able to work on several tasks at the same time while being able to meet goals and deadlines.

Good communication skills:

o   Explaining updates and breaches to employers in a polite and clear manner, using non-technical language.

Excellent teamwork skills:

o   Helping other staff members; and

o   Working as a unit.

Outstanding levels of honesty, integrity, and objectivity:

o   Being highly objective when running tests and analyzing weaknesses;

o   Being trustworthy enough to handle sensitive or private information.

Wait! there is more.

o  Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Cyber Security, Network Engineering, IT..

o  Bahraini nationals.

o  University graduates.

o  Exceptional academic record is a plus.

o  Job related professional certificate(s) is a plus.

o  Job related experience up to 3 years is a plus.

o  Age between 21-27 years old.

o  Excellent interpersonal skills.

o  Fresh graduate within 3 years of graduation.

o  Fluent in English; strong Arabic skills is preferred.