Meet Snipe

Snipe offers customized sportswear for teams, academies and sport enthusiasts. The main concept of Snipe is to provide teams with unlimited design capabilities, allowing them to stand out from the crowd.

Snipe is defined by its slogan: Dare to Stand Out.


We're looking for someone that is genuinely excited to get involved, eager to solve problems and confident in ensuring their clients are taken care of. 

The role will be diverse in clientele, from professional sport clubs, to academies, to individual customers and it's important to understand the difference in speaking with different type of clients. 


  • Manage incoming inquiries 
  • Generate sales leads 
  • Identify and assess customers' needs 
  • Build sustainable relationships and trust with clients 
  • Update CRM 

An ideal candidate would be

An ideal candidate is someone that is customer & team oriented. Have the ability to adapt & respont to different type of characters with excellent communication skills. 

Wait! there is more.

If you're into sports then that's a huge bonus so make sure you tell us which sports you're passionate about.