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About this opportunity

Bahrain Bay, Bahrain
29th May, 2018, 196 Days Left!
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About this opportunity

Bahrain Bay, Bahrain
29th May, 2018


Monitors should be responsible for the majority of the client experience. Responsibilities include helping participants into PPE equipment such as helmets or harnesses, leading them through the elements including clipping them into the device, conducting checks on all safety connections, and coaching participants at height when they struggle with a cave challenge, climbing element or ropes course transfer point. This position requires a high degree of risk assessment.


  1. Daily opening and closing procedures of the Adventure Cube
  2. Supervising a section of the Adventure Cube during operating hours
  3. Fitting harness and helmets (if applicable) correctly, and supervising the use of all safety equipment
  4. Conducting orientation for groups throughout various time blocks
  5. Using customer engagement skills to ensure a memorable experience for each guest
  6. Assuring the wellbeing of guests throughout their experience
  7. Performing Adventure Cube rescues, as needed
  8. Conducting complete inspections of all Adventure Cube components and gear
  9. Assisting with Adventure Cube maintenance efforts
  10. Attending required meetings and trainings
  11. Being flexible to learn new skills, support the team, and take on responsibilities as and when needed.

An ideal candidate would be

  1. Candidates must complete and pass a written and practical test on all site specific curriculum and training modules
  2. Should be able to communicate effectively with both adults and children in groups and one on one settings
  3. Should be able to handle stressful situations calmly and effectively
  4. Should be able to manage multiple tasks and be creative and motivated
  5. Should exhibit a high attention to detail
  6. Should comply with all procedures and policies
  7. Should be able to facilitate a positive guest experience
  8. Should be able to present excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
  9. Candidates must be over 18 years old, or determined by the local government as appropriate.
  10. Prior experience with outdoor recreation, athletics, educational roles, high ropes instructor experience, Caving, or climbing is a plus
  11. Educational requirements may vary with each location.
  12. Candidates should have the physical capability to assist and accommodate guests of various sizes throughout the Adventure Cube, including rescues.
  13. The ability to hike, climb, and rappel to and from height
  14. Full range of overhead arm motions, and full hand dexterity
  15. Strong upper body to pull self and the potential addition of 270 pounds (122 kg) more along each cable or out of the cave
  16. The ability to walk and stand for long periods of time

Wait! there is more.

Adventure Cube is an active entertainment adventure centre located in Wadi Sail Mall, Bahrain. It will be open to all members of the family with a specific focus on older kids and teenagers. We cater to pre-booked clients, walk-ins, corporate events, and birthday parties. Adventure Cube is purpose built facility that will thrill and challenge all members in a safe and well monitored environment. Our space has fun rock climbing walls, giant stair cases, leap-of-faith jump, caving systems, a thrilling aerial obstacle course and an awesome suspended party cube. We are seeking energetic applicants with strong customer service skills and an attention to safety, service in a unique home-grown adventure concept.