Meet Fathom

We are Fathom. We're a marketing agency. We craft useful, productive and powerful tools for people, the businesses they own and are a part of. We use imagination, insight and our gut to create things and we use every tool at our disposal. Our mission is to grow a dynamic organizational structure with vastly talented creatives & strategists who work together to liberate markets from stagnation; steering our clients toward success through the use of innovative tools, expert knowledge, expressive storytelling, and meaningful experiences.


Personality and Mindset Profile


A thinker and a doer.


  • A fascination with the world that fuels further learning.
  • A curious person with an action bias that is willing to discover and try new things.
  • An ownership mindset, someone  who is responsible for themselves and others.
  • A hands-on person that is not afraid to try, learn and figure things out.
  • Interest in different cultures, society and what makes people tick.


Bonus Points for - 


High energy! Normal demeanor ;)

A Hands-on willing to do the little things (boring, stressful, difficult repetitive tasks) in order to achieve the big things is essential.  

Enjoy being around groups of people, puts the team first to be the first.

Can face hard problems with persistence and rational optimism. 

Success to you is creating value and meaning.


Career Path and Skillset Profile


Where you may go. What you’ll need.


A lifelong learner that is great at spoken and written English,

A good command of both English and Arabic is a plus.


A degree in business administration, with a minor in marketing

A degree in marketing.

An avid reader and writer.

Great with managing and reviewing documentation.


Personality Profile


Curiosity - in people, cultures and how things work?

Clarity of purpose and goals is a must.

Genuine curiosity

Enjoys conversation

Loves pitching and presenting 

A social personality 


Role and Responsibility Overview


One foot in. One foot out.

Business Development

  • Generating and establishing new relationships with leads
  • Pitching our services and evangelizing Fathom to potential clients
  • Sustaining and growing relationships with our clients 
  • Managing and Reporting Opportunities and Business Dev. Documentation
  • Working together with the team to develop our marketing 

Admin Coordinator

  • Supporting the admin team through hands-on efforts
  • Supporting responsibility in bookkeeping
  • Supporting responsibility in collection
  • Admin support - via office management and IT
  • Reviewing and processing transactions.

An ideal candidate would be

Experience & Education


A fresh business graduate or someone with one year of experience that is interested in developing their career in business through the following areas -




Business Administration


Bonus points for - 


Part-time job experience. Administrative experience in a business. Social and Community oriented passions and activities.


You’ll be developed into a role of a Business Developer and beyond.