Meet Baims

Baims is an online educational website and App that offers recorded courses and live sessions for University and High school students in GCC. Students can watch the courses anywhere and anytime with no limited access.


If you are a student that enjoys communicating and being social, then this experience is for you! Our ambassador program enriches students with real-life training and offers a unique work experience. Ultimately, you should be able to increase our company’s brand awareness.

We have two fields in our ambassador program: 

1. Digital Marketing track: If you are more interested in social media (Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter), you will have a one-of-a-kind experience to work without a marketing team and learn further from them. As well as, you will get the chance to keep your input and touch on our social media account to make our product more noticeable.

2. Onboarding track: This opportunity is for students that love to give back to the community! If you are someone that sees the best in people then this is for you! you will have to talk to various students in order to onboard them as tutors on our platform. Tutors will be able to break down the difficult aspects of the course to their fellow classmates and students. 



  • Working closely with operations, sales, and marketing teams.
  • Educating students about our products.
  • Creating content in order to drive brand awareness and attract new students.
  • Representing the company in events.
  • Brainstorming ideas.

    Honestly, all you have to do is be yourself 100% and enjoy the process of applying your idea to a growing business in Bahrain!

An ideal candidate would be

An ideal candidate would be someone who likes to be out there and thinks outside the box. Yes, we love crazy ideas! Also, a person who is really eager to shape their skills and apply them in the work field. 

What To Expect

  • Monthly incentives 
  • Fooood in all our meetings
  • Educational sessions
  • other internship opportunities 
  • Aid in achieving your goal
  • A cool office whenever you want to a space to work