We’re expanding our operations and are looking for an experienced Product Head with e-commerce background to help us grow the business. The salary and equity sharing will be discussed personally depends on the profile.


  • Maintain knowledge on product and services of the website and recommend new products to website and recommend enhancements if required and coordinate with various cross-functional teams to analyze product requirement.
  • Develop all customer wireframes and user cases and ensure the optimal level of customer services and analyze all customer requirements and monitor all requests and manage all defects in products for all monthly releases.
  • Prepare strategies to increase existing and new businesses and identify the appropriate vendor for all projects and manage communication for all eCommerce status projects.
  • Administer and approve all final new product delivery and recommend improvements to product services and prepare all business requirements documents and ensure compliance to all product schedule and coordinate with departments to provide an effective interface.
  • Collaborate with information technology and business units to deliver all releases and prepare work schedule for all projects and provide support to all strategies to achieve all marketing strategies.
  • Assist business leads to review all financials of projects and analyze all key business metrics, perform market research and usability tests on all eCommerce activities and manage all communication plans for projects and provide status reports to management.
  • Organize various product workshops and design effective strategies and coordinate with various groups to assist in the product development process and analyze all business requirements.
  • Document all business plans and design strategies and facilitate approval for all senior management and manage the work of all product managers.
  • Design all interaction diagrams and provide materials for all user tests and develop all solutions to all issues.
  • Collaborate with Quality Assurance team and design all training materials and analyze the effectiveness of all new features on products.

An ideal candidate would be

  • The role is open to all nationalities
  • E-commerce background is required
  • Previous managerial experience is preferred, but quick learning and ability to think on feet can make up for what lacks in experience
  • As an early-stage startup, we’re looking for someone who can take an active role in product development
  • Willing to grow with a growing company
  • Strong interpersonal skills 
  • Interest in research, project management, and a strategic thinker
This opportunity is no longer accepting applicants