The Business Development Representative role is to improve the Company’s market position and achieve its designated goals, targets, and objectives. The Business Development Representative is mainly in charge of building customer relationships, negotiate and close business deals, widening the Company’s clientele base and most importantly strive to retain customers. Key objectives of the Business Development Associate are to increase sales and maximize gross revenues for O&H.


  • Analyze current and past expense budgets, sales, product deficiencies, and revenues. This enables him/her to provide recommendations for the company’s growth and resolution of problems
  • Engage in market research in order to identify new opportunities for business
  • Explain to potential customers about the various benefits offered by company products or services; following them up so as to close the business deals
  • Respond to queries and complaints from clients as regards the company’s services
  • Develop business proposals for existing and new customers
  • Develop innovative strategies for retaining clients; this includes undertaking interviews in order to get feedback and incorporate it into the growth plan
  • Develop comprehensive knowledge about the business and its development practices, prospective clients, and the trends for the industry
  • Participate in forums related to the industry; conferences and client discussions. In other words, act as a representative of the company
  • Determine cross-selling opportunities 
  • Supervise database of client relationship management and utilize the result to manage customers and the mailing lists

An ideal candidate would be

  • Minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Marketing or equivalent graduate qualifications from a reputable university
  • Socially adept
  • Good with numbers
  • Able to provide quality leadership to a large team of sales people
  • Strong communication and IT fluency
  • Creative talents and the ability to solve tough problems
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry and its current events
  • The ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines
  • Skill in prioritizing and triaging obligations
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent time management and organization

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