We are looking for a creative ambitious content writer who has a passion for the financial industry to support our marketing and content development.



  • Collaborate with teams to drive content idea generation that drives engagement and builds brand awareness.

  • Conduct research on thought-provoking topics and transform them into engaging and informative blogs

  • Ensure content reflects brand(s) guidelines including the brand promise, brand voice and brand personality.

  • Works closely with brand marketing teams to assess marketing copy and content performance/effectiveness.

  • Provide strategic recommendations on adjusting tone/style/length/subject matter to drive engagement.

An ideal candidate would be

  • Ability to write brilliant and unambiguous content.

  • Knowledge of content marketing, SEO friendly writing would be preferred.

  • Strategic thinking and the ability to brainstorm ideas to grow with the team.

  • Excellent command over English and English grammar (both spoken and written).

  • Ability to understand company requirements, consumer experience, marketing strategy, and operational capabilities.

  • prior financial knowledge is required.

Wait! there is more.

  • Note: This position only for Bahraini fresh graduate of working experience of less than 2 years. 

This opportunity is no longer accepting applicants