Zain Bahrain

Zain is a leading telecommunications provider in Bahrain. Zain continues to evolve and encompass new areas of growth with a promise of positioning the Kingdom at the forefront of the global telecoms industry and living their philosophy to create ‘a wonderful world’.

Zain Youth

Zain Youth is a training program that offers Bahraini students a unique opportunity to gain work experience while seeking their degrees. Participants in this program will be exposed to real business world challenges that will increase their employability skills, preparing them to take their first career steps following their graduation.

The Future

The will prepare a generation that is ready for current and future market opportunities that Bahrain is attracting and reinforcing the concept of a responsible citizen who is able to earn for living and contribute to his/her community. Empowering young people is part of Zain Bahrain’s commitment to youth and community development and bodies their core values.

The Value

Through the youth program, Zain aims to narrow the gap between the academic learning and real-life employability skills, alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of Quality Education and Decent Work and Economic Growth. The objective of the program is to reduce the unemployment of fresh graduates and the need to re-qualify them to meet the market requirements.

The Thrive

The program aims to contribute to the professional development of motivated young Bahrainis by providing them with on-the-job experience, and enabling them to develop and explore leading employability skills like entrepreneurial and leadership skills along with various other practical skills and knowledge in technology, communication, management, and much more.



Our space is designed with inspiration of our core three brand values: Radiance, Heart and Belonging. Open spaces, collaborative environments, and the space for it to feel like a second home between the team.


The FUN Program

The youth development program is focused on feeding the minds of students and sculpting their professional skills through teamwork, collaboration, training and practical field work. It also provides them the opportunity to develop projects and develop innovative business ideas and test them against the real world.

The Learning Opportunities

Zain is committed to nurturing the finest Bahraini talents and has an energetic and inspired majority-Bahraini workforce by providing a strong HR and training program that develops and nurtures leaders in the workplace. Hear from Sakina about her work experience with Zain as a student!

What to Expect

The Future Pioneers

The program offers 16 months on-the-job training to Bahraini university students or diploma holders, preparing them to join the marketplace. If you are willing to learn and can think outside the box, solve problems and have great communication skills, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

The Summer Internship

The 2-months internship program provides mentorship to university students. The students would be working on dedicated projects addressing existing business challenges and presenting their solutions to Zain's management.

The Last Chapter

This program is aimed at university students who are looking to complete their graduation or industrial projects. The program is designed in coordination with universities to fit the students' field of study.

The Mentor

This program is aimed towards high school students (11th and 12th grade), to help them set their career and academic paths through exposure to real work experiences and career coaching and mentorship.