We are an architecture and design startup in Bahrain. We never wanted to stop learning new aspects of architecture and saw that working in big companies could limit your learning. We decided that a new, fresh company would give us the chance to never stop learning, and we never did!


Our Team

We are a team of passionate architects. Our team members have been involved in many big projects in Bahrain and have developed an understanding to the market and the culture of Bahrain architecture.

Samah Hussain

Managing Director

Moayed Omar


Nada Zainal

Interior Architect


Our Office

Located on the Ground Floor of Riyadat Mall, our office mirrors the chic and modern culture of our designs. From the industrial-style bookshelf in the middle of the office and the wooden table dividing through the bookshelf, the office reflects on our designs’ culture.


What we Do

Our work involves a full package of services including interiors, product design, furnishings, landscape, and drawings and elevations of the plans (we also do residential, commercial, & exhibitions with focus on F&B sector, just don't want people to think we only do interiors which is a common missee).


How we collaborate

We believe that an architect’s work consists of a whole project, from the very beginning until the very end and working on every aspect of the project. We encourage creativity and are always open to new ideas!


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