Obai & Hill

Seef, Bahrain

Our Story

Obai & Hill is a PR and Design agency, made up of young emerging creatives in the design, public relations and marketing fields based in Bahrain. The agency first came to life in 2010 as the brainchild of CEO and founder Wafa Alobaidat, whose creative consulting services were in high demand in the UK after her online publication, Sketchbook Magazine, became an overnight success. Much like a proud mother, the agency’s namesake is attributed to its owner as well as the place of its inception – Notting Hill. Obai & Hill has since relocated to Bahrain to meet the needs of their GCC client base and continues to offer bespoke services and creative


30+ people in our team , average age25

Company size

Flexible working hours

Our Work

A day at the office

Every day spent at the Obai & Hill offices is certainly different from the one before.

A typical day at Obai & Hill offices involves, checking emails, creating to-do lists, getting on top of things, obtaining approvals, making A LOT of calls, socializing, designing, and getting things done.

Our Culture

Our values

Obai and Hill holds three main core values and certainly ensures that the team members are well integrated with these values:

1. Flexibility: Flexible employees modify their approach to tasks based on the preferences of stakeholders and the unique demands of each situation.

2. Adds Value: The personal initiative an employee takes on with performing their daily tasks and ensuring measurable results for the company.

3. Solution Oriented: An employee’s mindset towards finding solution to any challenge and proposing a constructive feedback.

Our traditions

Three traditions that you will experience at Obai & Hill; Team Bonding, Thursday Breakfast, and Sunday Team Huddles. The Team Bonding activities take place once every quarter, you could expect to go for a football match, bowling, paintball or a random games night, a fun bonding night between the team members always enhances our relationship.

Whereas, Team Huddles are 45 minute meetings where each team member shares their wins, priorities and challenges for the week. These meetings keep the team members informed, appreciate achievements, and allow for sharing of collective intelligence.

Whilst our Thursday breakfast is everyone's fav, a weekly initiative by the agency for the team to bond over a meal by the end of the week.

Our ideal team member

Obai & Hill is always on the search for passionate, creative and outgoing individuals that certainly comply with the agency's 3 core values; Flexibility, Adds Value & Solution Oriented.

We are always on the outlook for creatives that seek to build their career and unleash their potential to reach new heights everyday.

Taking initiative and proposing new ideas are always welcomed and given the daily dynamic changes you are not expected to do the same routine day-to-day. The inability to be adaptive and committed to your job certainly would not fit Obai & Hill's culture.

Stories & Experiences

company profile image

Diana Ali

Account Executive

My Journey at Obai & Hill began when I was an intern back in June 2018 and there are no words to describe the kind of learning and experiences I’ve picked up and encountered. From attending simple meetings, to rolling out campaigns, all the way through understanding the fundamentals of relationship management. I couldn’t think of a more wholesome and positively enduring experience which I’d recommend to every 20 something year old to apply for if they have a knack for marketing and communications or simply those who are curiously creative.

Right after my internship, I was on a part-time agreement juggling my education and my passion and later transitioned onto my full-time agreement upon my graduation. Fast forward June 2019 and became an Account Executive lending my exceptional team to achieving all our goals and adding so much value to our clients’. My role today still teaches me how to lead by example, how to trust, motivate and inspire those around me.

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