Malaeb Online Services

Manama, Bahrain

Flexible hours Casual Small team Business to Consumer Social Impact Fast pace & Dynamic Autonomous environment Entrepreneurial Results oriented leadership

Our Story

Malaeb is a community application for sports enthusiasts, allowing you to book sports pitches, create teams and organize matches. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, our team consists of young, talented members who strive for excellence and professional growth with a force to create a legacy for Malaeb worldwide. With ambitions of being the Facebook of the football world, we’re a growing startup looking for great people to join us on this adventure!


12+ people in our team , average age27

Company size

Flexible working hours

Our Culture


Each one of us must have the sense of accountability towards his/her responsibilities and objectives. No one should be entitled to follow-up with you to ask about them. If you don’t do your job, no one else will.

Quality & Attention to Details

Quality is everything. If we didn’t care about the quality in every aspect, then we might get conflicted bookings, which means our users no longer trust us, and hence will stop using us. This doesn’t only apply on server side or booking work, but rather on everything.

Dedication, Determination, and Discipline

We can be a hundred million dollar company in 10 years. We can also be a hundred million dollar company in 3 years. Point is, we need to grow as fast as possible. Not to the point where we rush things and lose control, but to the extent that we are near perfection when it comes to effort and dedication.

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