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Malaeb Online Services

Malaeb is a community app for football players. With Malaeb, you can book fields instantly and with ease. Create and manage your teams and also search and challenge other teams and more. With ambitions of being the Facebook of the football world, we’re a growing startup looking for great people to join us on this adventure!


A bit about our team

We're growing, meaning we're always on the hunt for driven young people who want to take on exciting roles and innovate with us.

If you feel our values are aligned, then you'd fit right in between us.

Meet Yasser, our Co-Founder

Yasser handles the operations of Malaeb as the COO, his passion for football can be seen when you work with him, or when you ask him if Arsenal is the best team in the world.

Meet Ahmed, our co-founder

Ahmed is the CEO of Malaeb, and is the biggest advocate for learning and growth you'll see in the office. Expect great conversations about books and podcasts over many cups of coffees with him!

Meet Hussain, our Biz Dev Manager

Hussain is the big data guy and the one ensuring we have more pitches on the app every day. You're gonna love seeing his brain work on finding the right data and tools to solve the issues at hand.


Our location

Our office is located in NBB Tower in Diplomatic Area, as part of Tenmou’s co-working space.

Being in this space gives us constant exposure to the environment of Startups in Bahrain, and allows for a very collaborative team environment.


Our Values

We must have a relationship based on trust, and that can only occur if every one of us is being completely honest. We all make mistakes, and our culture is built to accept and embrace that. As long as we make mistakes about 20-25% of the time, learn from them, and make good decisions the rest 75-80% of the time.

Our Values

Quality & Attention to Details
Quality is everything. If we didn’t care about the quality in every aspect, then we might get conflicted bookings, which means our users no longer trust us, and hence will stop using us. This doesn’t only apply on server side or booking work, but rather on everything.

Our Values

Have fun god damn it :) our concept is in itself fun, but other than that, what’s the point of working somewhere boring? We’re one family. We should have regular fun activities and outings to reduce stress and get little retreats that help us get back to work stronger and with more focus.

Our Values

Each one of us must have the sense of accountability towards his/her responsibilities and objectives. No one should be entitled to follow-up with you to ask about them. If you don’t do your job, no one else will.

Our Values

Taking Initiatives
We’re a startup. We can only go so far if all the initiatives are coming from one or two people. Coming up with innovative ideas that will help us grow in any field is something that we are not only open to, but we also praise.

Our Values

Dedication, Determination, and Discipline
We can be a hundred million dollar company in 10 years. We can also be a hundred million dollar company in 3 years. Point is, we need to grow as fast as possible. Not to the point where we rush things and lose control, but to the extent that we are near perfection when it comes to effort and dedication.


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