Beach Culture

Hidd, Bahrain

Our Story

We are Beach Culture, the travelers of the sea. We follow the elements, that is the sun, moon, tides, wind, waves and the universal power of the ocean. We seek to unfold the hidden 'islandness' in Bahrain to the surface. Here at Beach Culture, it's not our intention to satisfy our customers or to please our customers, our intention is to AMAZE them!


5+ people in our team , average age28

Company size

Flexible working hours

Our Team

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MD & Chief Instructor

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SUP Yoga Instructor

Our Culture

Growth with us

This company has gone from one independent instructor teaching from the trunk of his car, to three branches around the island and five employees doing something thats never been done in the region before in less than 2 years. We like to empower our team members, by providing them the necessary certifications in the field for a flourishing career path.

Why we do what we do

We believe in empowering people and leaving a positive impact on the society in a holistic and organic way. Which is why we aim to be the #1 local Beach Management and Watersports provider in the MENA region.

How we work

Any idea brought by a team member is proposed, discussed, tested and if it has a positive impact, implemented on a bigger scale! You have to really enjoy being around the beach and water sports because our heaviest work load happens on the weekend!

As we truly believe that every team member is putting his heart into his work, we have a very flexible time and workplace schedule. Basically as long as the job gets done, correctly, and on time, you'll be on the flip side. But remember, we're always looking to AMAZE!

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