Meet VR Cube Office Opportunities


VR Cube

VR Cube™ is headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain and part of the Air Cube™ family of products that are all centred on active entertainment.
VR Cube™ is a startup and our technology platform is the first such system in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia bringing simultaneous multi-geographic, multi-modal, and real-time physically taxing virtual reality experiences.
VR Cube™ will be actively developing, designing and localizing active virtual reality gaming solutions for the burgeoning gaming market in the GCC.


Our Space

Our office environment is open and collaborative. We work from several location and use tech tools to keep connected. You can work on a bean-bag, on chair, on site, or in the virtual reality world too. Our head office is United Tower, Bahrain Bay aka 'the drill bit' and our first VR Cube location is in Wadi Al Sail Mall.


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