Manama, Bahrain

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Our Story

You might know us as Telp, a tutor market place. Two years of talking to parents and interacting with students revealed to us deeper rooted problems in the education system and we knew that we needed a better and more impactful solution and for that reason, we pivoted. Today we bring to you Raed, our Edtech startup which makes learning fun, engaging, and memorable.

Raed offers various fun and exciting online learning programs for kids aged 4 -12 years old. On Raed, kids join one-hour live sessions on a weekly basis for storytelling, scien


6+ people in our team , average age25

Company size

Flexible working hours

Our Team

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Ameena Bucheeri


I flew to Greece to explore my passion for education then flew back, resigned and started Telp from my bedroom. I’ve worked & trained at 6 different companies, including one focused on EdTech research, & have been a tutor for 3 years. I love working with others and seeing them grow along with the company. 

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Khaled Albalooshi


I have been coding since I was 13. I launch minimal products within 54 hours. You’ll hear me brag about the product I developed and launched in 4 hours and went viral across campus in under 7 hours. I love coding and teaching others to code. 

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Mahmood Shehabi

Operations manager

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Esraa Sayed

Customer Support Agent

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Mariam Alshaikh

Customer Support Agent

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Raed Almutawa

Junior Front-end Developer

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Mohamed Farhan

Junior Front-end Developer

Our Work

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Hakawatyy program
Reading turned into a fun, social activity through live storytelling sessions to increase child confidence. Improves reading, comprehension, vocab, and listening skills.

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Natahawar program
Let’s have a conversation! Enhancing speaking skills through verbal games and movie scene discussions, while practicing sentence formation and enhancing vocab in topics kids can relate to.

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Tajarob program
Join us in our Raed labs where we conduct multiple science experiments every session to learn core science concepts and science terminology.

Our Culture

We care

- We care about each other… we are not just a team, we are a family 

- We care about every booking and every user, because every experience matters, amazing experiences build loyalty

- We care about Telp, we are on a mission to growth the biggest education marketplace  

- We care about our community, we are of service to our community 

We hustle

- We each put 120% in what we do, it is in our hands to make the Telp vision a reality

- We don’t get too comfortable, there is always more to get done, we take initiative and are proactive 

- We do it today, not tomorrow; speed is our advantage

We communicate

- We appreciate feedback. It is a right, without it we cannot grow 

- We express recognition and appreciation and celebrate wins 

- We challenge each other, keep raising the bar!

- We are reliable, trust must be continuously earned

Stories & Experiences

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Raed Almutawa

Junior Front-end Developer

This has been an exciting and fun journey for me. I had joined Telp back in May. The team has been very supportive and helpful, and I felt very welcome from the very first day. I had the pleasure of working within a development team, sharing our ideas and solving our problems together. I had learned so much from Khaled Albalooshi, who is my CTO and mentor. He was able to guide me and share with me the industry's best practices. The working environment is very relaxed and friendly, where everyone will feel like being at home.

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Mahmood Shehabi

Customer Support and Sales Team Leader

The first time I came across Telp was on Twitter, and thought it was a great idea. While working as a full time teacher, I saw an opportunity at Telp on Majra, and decided to take the leap and apply for it. I wanted to be a part of a growing startup where I would have a much more impactful role and push myself to grow. When I applied for the marketing role, I had zero experience or background in marketing, but sent my application anyways because I was drawn to the company’s mission. I started as an intern at Telp, while still continuing on with my full time job as a teacher. When I had to choose between committing to Telp on a full time basis and a secure job, the choice was very clear. In a startup, everything you do directly impacts the company, both in the short and long term. I was dedicated to Telp’s mission and wanted to see it grow and contribute to the growth. 

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