MOTIVATE Events & Media

Motivate is a creative agency, with a focus on Events, Branding, production, and design. Started in 2007, Motivate is a dynamic company with a great portfolio of high-quality and credible work with some of the biggest clients


Our Office

Our office layout is an open plan workspace, allowing for more collaboration between different teams and departments. We also have a common area for team meetings and lunches. The office is located in the Seef District.


Our Team

Despite being quite a big team (21 people), we are well connected. So much so that we noticed when even one person is missing.

Team Players

Everyone works together towards unified goals to ensure our best work is delivered. Hard work and commitment are the most important traits in our team.

Open to learning

Our team members are humble enough to be open to feedback and constructive criticism and actively seek out ways to grow and learn individually and as a team.

Roles in our team

We are always keeping a look out for young and/or experienced candidates with creative or business majors, and client servicing backgrounds.


Taking Ownership

Our team members have a lot of ownership towards the work and the environment within the office. Everyone in the team is involved on different projects, and everyone's impact is felt in the achievements.


As the nature of the work requires, we are a team full of creative, imaginative, and inspired people. (Whether or not they are in creative roles). Out of the box thinking is what we look for.


We don’t believe in rigidity in our work. We work quite flexibly, being responsive to change, growth and innovation. Team members’ and clients’ perspectives are always taken into account.

Growth Oriented

At Motivate we care about building our people and growing their potential. The team members are encouraged to explore their own boundaries and go the extra mile.


MOTIVATE Events & Media doesn't have any live opportunities at the moment, follow them to get notified of their opportunities.