Intellect Resources Management

Seef, Bahrain

Our Story

Started in 2013, IRM is a management consultancy that seeks to engage with external partners. Our company focuses on taking measures to contribute to, and foster knowledge creation, embracing innovative technology and support entrepreneurial activities. Our vision is to make a difference and establish ties with professionals who would like to develop themselves into significant leaders.


4+ people in our team

Company size

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Our Work

We focus on bringing in services that will link strategy, technology, and innovation for organizations, entrepreneurs and women. This includes training, consulting and advisory services in the following verticals – Healthcare, Education, Technology & Cybersecurity and Financial Services. 

We offer financial advisory and consulting services, specifically within healthcare, education, ICT, and cybersecurity, as well as establishing joint ventures.

Our work is project-based, and involves a combination of attending to internal and external matters in order to progress projects that are being pursued. 

Our Culture

Our team works and collaborates based on certain shared values. Our team members are adaptive, interactive and independent.

When looking for the best fit for our team, we look for candidates who are team players, hard workers, analytical, and goal-oriented.

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