Manama, Bahrain

Our Story

When we first launched Inagrab, a technology company that helps retailers grow and scale internationally, we soon discovered a common challenge in the market. Most of the retailers we worked with were facing a shortage of salespeople on their team to help them scale. The Entrepreneurial spirit in our founders wanted to turn that challenge into an opportunity that would not only help the businesses but also support individuals in the community. This gave birth to Dalooni, a platform that allows businesses to list their products and enables people to registers as sellers who then refer & sell those products to their networks and earn commis

Our Team

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Hussain Haji

Co-founder and CEO

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Mustafa Marhama

Co-founder and CTO

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Fatema Alshaikh

Operations Executive

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Ali Alhayki

Business Development Executive

Our Culture

No office hours

We don't have office hours, we have what we call visionary hours since our company bases the performance of the team on actual delivery of tasks, contribution, support, growth, value, fun, and of course empathy. We know that the team members will make the best use of their time if they truly believe in the vision.

Team values

As a team, we represent certain values in everything we do, these are:

  • Transparency
  • Autonomy
  • Taking initiative
  • Building trust
  • Adaptability
  • Accepting to feedback
  • Having fun and enjoying what we do

Stories & Experiences

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Fatema Alshaikh

Operations Executive

Upon joining Inagrab inc., Fatema Al Shaikh was introduced to a world that she didn't know existed. Fatema had little work experience, but a lot of character. She was able to immediately know how to cater to the required interview, and presentation requested by the founders of the company. One of the key things that Fatema learned with Inagrab is that she can help people by actually working with a startup that's offering a solution to a real problem. She always thought that to help people you would have to work with a charity or a non-profit organization, but Inagrab inc. and the team helped her understand that providing a solution to an existing problem, and making a decent profit from it is not a bad thing. Fatema learned how important communication skills are, and that it's all about adding value to the client, and not about having a multi-layered product that makes no sense. Fatema was also able to pick up hands-on skills in Graphic Design, presentation building, data analytics, and pitching.

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