Two Four F Production

Hidd, Bahrain

Our Story

A dream that came to life in April 2014, with the vision of improving the creative media industry in the Arab world, its mission focuses on producing creative content and providing dedicated quality training to the industry. We are an awarding-winning creative, passionate video production agency and animation studio. We love making films. Our team will bring your story to life and truly engage your audience. From training films to branding films, we believe in making films that matter.


14+ people in our team , average age25

Company size

Flexible working hours

Our Work

The nature of our work can change from one day to another based on the different projects and clients we work with. Our work requires a lot of creativity, attention to detail, and time commitment, so it’s perfect for people who love and enjoy their work. Many of our team members come from different backgrounds, creating a mix of different perspectives that has formed the 24F brand feel. Everything we do, has it’s unique touch and flare that makes our work stand out.

Our ever-growing team has members from different media and creative backgrounds. Our creative team is made up of designers, videographers, motion designers, animators, and photographers.

Our Culture

Passion for Media

Above all else, we are storytellers, and that is why everyone who would work with us must be passionate about the work that we put out. You must have some background and knowledge of the field and how things work, be it them internal lingo, the different aspects of the media and production, or the culture. We are on a constant look out for candidates who have media skills, know to work the camera, and the different software programs.

Team Player

We’d describe ourselves as a family of creative

minds. Everyone in the team brings in his/her unique perspective and lens through which they see things. As our work is very people oriented and the team works very closely with each other, candidates with extroverted and friendly personalities, who can easily blend in the work environment are team players would fit right in with us.

Work Ethics

Our work is multi-faceted and therefore requires people who are excited and enthusiastic about learning by doing and put themselves up to the challenge. We look for people who are willing to put in the hard work and won’t crack under pressure. Integrity is also important aspects of creative work, whether it’s in dealing with our clients or quality and originality of our work.

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