Happy Sunday! Are you excited and energized to get back to work?

Or do you dread walking into your office and already feel drained, counting down to the next weekend?

If you are among the first type of people, then Congratulations on actually enjoying what you do!

But, if you are among the second type, you’d be surprised to know that you are not alone. More than 80% of people don’t enjoy their work. Surprising? Maybe not. So why do so many people keep doing things they don’t really enjoy or are passionate about. Why don’t people just quit the jobs they hate so much? Why stay?

We asked our followers exactly that and here are the reasons that people believe stopped them from doing what they love:

1. Lack of Jobs

“Mafi ash3’al” is probably one of the most heard statements, especially if you are a recent graduate. Everyone seems to keep repeating it, so it must be true right? Not really. The statement has been going around since what seems like the beginning of time. But somehow in reality, companies still keep hiring and people continue to get employed. Yes, job hunting may not be fun and putting yourself back there again may seem stressful, but that’s just part of the process. The number one reason people find themselves stuck at jobs they don’t like is because they didn’t know what they wanted and took up the first offer they found. But now that you know better, you’ll go back into the job market knowing what you want and most importantly, what you DON’T want.

2. Financial Security

Lack of financial security is another major reason people continue to stay in jobs they don’t particularly enjoy. When you are burdened with loans, bills and other financial responsibilities, you may feel that you won’t be able to afford to leave your job. The uncertainty of finding a job to match your current salary package may be another reason. Financial stress may make the choice of recklessly quitting a stable job seem quite irrational, but that is not the only way it has to be.  Review your finances and manage your budget in preparation for your job search. Getting back into the job market also doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to quit your current one, just don’t quit looking.

3. Fear and Uncertainty

Whether we admit it or not, we stay in jobs we hate because we are still somehow in our comfort zones. It is what we know and have overtime become comfortable with and attached to. Anything else would be uncertain and that leads to fear and reluctance. We are afraid of getting ourselves into a worse situation than the current one. Will the next job be worse? Will you hate the new job more? What if it takes forever to find what you love? This fear leads many of us to settle. Instead of allowing these fears to paralyze you, debunk them! Think of the flip side. What if you find a job you love?

We, at Majra, are here to serve the 80% who are unhappy in their work but are committed to finding work that matters to them. It’s insane that so many people would be willing to continue doing things that don’t make them happy. Are you currently at a job that you hate? What are you doing to change your situation? You may be telling yourselves the reasons mentioned above, or some variations of them, to stop you from going after what you love. But guess what, a lot of people who’ve found what they love have overcome these challenges and they’re no different from you!

Najma Ghuloom

A curious mind and a wandering soul, in love with the idea that learning never stops. Constantly on the lookout for stimulating ideas and transformative thoughts. A great believer in the potential of enlightened human lives and currently trying to make that happen through Majra.

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