Bahrain is transforming into a startup hub, filling up with innovative ideas and great people leading great companies. Malaeb, a Bahraini based startup that aims to create a community for football players, is quickly becoming one of the most popular startups in the entire GCC. Malaeb aims to ‘revolutionize the sports industry through constant innovations to the way people think, plan and play sports activities’ and an ambition that big definitely requires the right team and mindset.

In our effort to give people an idea of what a proper organizational culture looks like, we thought a quick conversation with the co-founder of Malaeb about their culture would give us the right insight. We caught up with Ahmed AlRawi to learn about how the company’s culture and team evolves as they scale. Here’s a bit of the conversation we had with him:

As a fast scaling startup, what kind of talent are you looking to join you?

We're aggressive with our goals, hence we need people who aim big, are disciplined, and are eager to learn and improve.

How would you describe your culture at Malaeb?

Growth-oriented. We're objective and not subjective. If you have an idea which you think will help us improve one of our key metrics, you're free to experiment with it given that it doesn't consume a lot of resources.

Malaeb is currently expanding into different countries, how do you plan to manage the company culture across the countries?

We make sure to hire people who fit our culture and work by our values.

We asked Ahmed a bit more about their culture, and this is the exact direct copy from their culture document they have for their employees. He shared with us some of the core values that they live by and that lead everything they do, some of those are:

Honesty “This is the first thing mentioned here for a reason. Our culture is based on open transparent communication. We can compromise many things, but honesty must never be one. Whether it was within team members, partners, or customers.”

Accountability “We are a team. Each one of us has responsibilities. If one or more of these responsibilities are not met, then we suffer from a loophole which will affect other efforts and hurt our growth as a company, team, and individuals.”

Taking Initiatives “We’re a startup. We can only go so far if all the initiatives are coming from one or two people. Coming up with innovative ideas that will help us grow in any field is something that we are not only open to, but we also praise.”

It is clearly evident that Malaeb believes success is achieved as a result of team effort and values individual contribution for every member of their team.

If you could tell young people who are interested to work at Malaeb one thing, what would it be?

Nothing is more valuable than the trait of being self-driven and motivated to do something. Please, do yourself and everyone around you a favor and always DO SOMETHING. Whether it's voluntary work, a hobby, an internship, etc... Always fill your time with productive means of adding to your experience and knowledge. Even if it never makes its way to your CV, it will always make its way to your personality, and that is what truly matters. We like to hire young people, and that often means the lack of work experience, but we look for those who have done activities or personal projects that tell us how much of a conscientious and self-motivated a person is. And that, can do wonders.

Our verdict? Malaeb is a company that offers young people a platform to learn and grow with them as they grow, and that’s very rare to find. Make sure you subscribe to Malaeb’s job notifications to never miss out on any opportunity they have.

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