Your Majra profiles are designed to represent and highlight the best of you to the employers in a glimpse. That's why we think it is important that your profile helps you stand out and make an impression. So we've introduced the 'Verified' badge.

Having your profile verified will help bump up your profile at the top of the list on the employer's side and give you the extra edge as verified profiles are personally reviewed and recommended by the Majra team, giving you a bigger chance for consideration for any job.

Your profile will only be Verified if you meet the following checklist:

  • Your personal details are all there, phone number, email, and CV.
  • You’ve personalized your profile with a quote, with a clear answer on “What can I add to the company?”
  • The top 5 preferences are selected and ranked.
  • Your top learnings and top achievements are highlighted and written properly.
  • An extra thing to help is a good looking casual picture + a nice header for your profile. (Not a must)

Sounds great doesn’t it? Here are a few simple tips we wrote down for you to take your profile from good to great, and ensure your Verified badge request does not get rejected.

1- Be as you as you can be

Why should you add a quote or personalize your profile? Because in a sea full of almost identical resumes, who you are as individual and what you have to offer is what makes you different.

  • Be sure to add a recent picture of yours (no selfies or snapchat filters, even if they look great)
  • Read a quote that resonates to you? Add it. Or just make one of your own.

Majra is all about finding the right personality fit, you get to take a peek at what companies are like through their profiles and they’d want to get to know YOU through yours.

2- How to Showcase your Experience (No clichés, okay?)

Generally, you’d tend you write your CV based on what you think the employers would want to read. Avoid going the generic way, generic text book stuff means your CV is automatically ignored.

Avoid things like saying “I’m a hard worker”, “I have leadership skills” “I’m a good team worker”. This is basically you stating your opinion about yourself, ask yourself this, would you trust someone who says “I have leadership skills”?

Here are some great examples for what you can write that can prove the above:

  • Led a team of 5 members and achieved 120% growth in our Sales targets.
  • Conducted a research project that led to increasing the company’s brand equity
  • Developed a marketing campaign and increased the company’s social media reach by 40% over the period of one month.

This shows that you actually got stuff done and what you’re capable of by stating your results! BUT, don’t make stuff up, or invent things that are not accurate, or you’d end up like this fella:

3- How to Showcase your Education

Maybe some of you may not have had a lot of work experience, but that does not mean you have no learnings to show for. On Majra, the idea is to not just  tell the employer that you have a degree, but also mention what were the top favourite things you learned in that degree.

Here’s some great examples to show:

  • Learned how to create a marketing campaign, and understood how to manage the different channels available to achieve it.
  • Developed an understanding of how businesses expand internationally./li>
  • Learned the basics of branding, and the process of creating one.

Also, make sure you put your favourite learnings from university, what this guarantees is that the employer might hire you for that specific learning, and you’d end up building a career around something you actually enjoyed in university, sounds awesome doesn’t it.

4- Tell them your Preferences!

An employer wants to know what you care about, and you should be honest about your preferences, otherwise you might end up with a job you don’t like and let’s be honest who wants that.

Here’s a guide to the preferences you need to choose from on your profile:

  • Company’s Mission
  • What the company stands for, and the goals they aim to achieve.

  • Working Conditions
  • The type of working hours, office structures (closed, open, workspace), and the pace of work.

  • Culture
  • How the members of the company live and work together socially.

  • Responsibilities
  • The responsibilities you will undertake and the type of work you’ll personally be doing.

  • Benefits
  • Salary, overtime benefits, and extra perks (insurance and such).

5- Spell and Grammar check. Always.

We cannot emphasize enough how important grammar and spelling are. A few extra minutes spent on proofreading and editing can go a long way. Capitalization, punctuation and consistency of style is very important. The little details do matter. Now, once you’ve done all of the above, the final step would be to get your profile verified. You can do that by hitting the ‘Request Profile Verification’ button at the bottom of your profile page.

We are constantly trying to make Majra as easy to use and accessible to you as possible. So, if you think there is any part of the profile that you may need a hand in or if you have any questions, you can always contact us at [email protected] and we promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

Happy Job Hunting!

Majra Team

We're a bunch of people who are on a mission to change the employment scene in the MENA region. The articles we write are to express our views and stand on the career development world!

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