“It’s getting really hot and 3 people are staring at me waiting for an answer. I didn’t expect this question, and I seriously don’t know how to answer it. My options are very limited and all the answers I have are not good enough. I’m losing the little confidence I came in with and I just want this interview to finish.”– an ‘A’ graduate sitting an interview.

….one of the many real-life stories I heard about interviews. Everyone tells us to prepare ourselves before the interview and have confidence & positive energy. But no one says anything about how to do that, or whatever they say doesn’t really help.

Here are some tricks that will boost your confidence & give you that edge:


The most difficult thing in sales is trying to sell a product or service that you know nothing about. You must also believe in the product or service to be able to sell it properly.

It’s the same with you. You are a product that took over 20 years to make. You gained many skills, knowledge and personality traits that could be used to sell your brand. حـــــرام  all these years of work & energy to produce that beautiful powerful person you are… goes to waste because you don’t know yourself enough or aren’t promoting your uniqueness properly.

Do psychometric tests, ask for people’s opinions about you …learn more about yourself, your personality, skills, and what makes you special!


Why would you apply to a place you know nothing about? What’s worse is when we apply for a job we know nothing about… in a company we know nothing about.

You need to convince your employer that you are the right person for them. Show them you have the right attitude, right skills and right unique selling points. All that will happen if we completely know and understand the place we are seeking an opportunity in. Employers like to feel known and understood, and with a little research about the company and job… you can provide this to them. It will clarify your reasons for wanting to work there too!


We always think we have the ability to come up with answers on spot, and the few of us who have experience with interviews think they got the grip of it.

There’s something beautiful about writing our answers. Writing not only gives us practice on how to best express our experiences & skills, but it also organizes our thoughts for us.

Take some time to write down your questions, and memorize those answers if you have to, it might be that beautifully expressed sentence that will land you the job of your dreams.

Knowing your answers will give you tremendous power & confidence.


You have unique characteristics, skills and personalities to share with the world. Be proud of who you are and treat yourself like so. The lack of pride in ourselves results to a lack of confidence and without this confidence, your answers will be perceived weak.

Did you know that only 93% of any message is communicated through body language and tone of voice? The remaining 7% is the words you use.


Start the interview being strong. Things like confidence and eye contact with a touch of positive can create a strong first impression. Show them a strong you, and everything else will fall into place.

Until next time,Good luck!

Mohamed Ali

Mohamed Ali is a passionate humanitarian who strives to empower future generations through his work as Community Advisor at Tamkeen as well as organizations such as AIESEC, Tumooh and Ayadi Relief. Having past experiences in recruitment and career advisory, Mohammed is dedicated to youth development and career coaching.

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