As a part of one of our quite interesting experiments, we invited a group of people and had them review 3 different real CVs of recent graduates.

They checked each CV and shared their comments and impressions. Then we surprised them with a 4th, different kind of a CV!

Check their reactions here! :

The 1st CV had no descriptions of experience or educational background.

And the guys did not pass it for an interview.. #Awkward

The 2nd CV was personalised with details of work experience, education, activities and accomplishments. Right balance of text and graphics and

they all loved it! I mean it’s Beyonce come on..

The 3rd one was a little tricky. It had a cover letter and university graduation letter attached. They all agreed that it was super vague and did not highlight what the candidate is looking for.

Some decided to give the candidate a shot to be interviewed

Then we added a surprise profile! (seriously this was not planned) An online Majra profile!

Not to brag, but they all loved it. So, you can check more of what they had to say about it in the video

In the end, there’s no one way to write a CV. It just has to represent YOU! Our advice to you is:

“When resumes come in, specially in this market, hiring managers aren’t looking to find someone. They’re looking to disqualify someone. Errors and hype do that” -Brenda Greene

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