When you are applying for a job it is not enough to try your fate in submitting a standard resume. You need to make yourself different from the other applicants and keep in mind that you are in a competition for this position. Your resume must stand out from the rest, if not, then you may get lost in the crowd.

To make yourself different you need to know that each position is unique and therefore, your resume will need to be adapted for each application, you cannot choose to submit a standard resume for all the vacancies.

Here’s how you can customize your resume to make the most out of the job application:

1- Do your research

Firstly, you need to review the background of the organization you want to work for, who are they, what they do, and what is their corporate culture.

If you looking to apply for a sales position at KFC, try to search for what is KFC, what its food menu, what are their values. Then draft an introduction on your resume including the keywords that match with the organization. For example, you can write that you are a KFC fan, self-motivated person, dynamic, a team player and committed to standard quality and food safety. The recruiters may feel that you are in fact connected to the company when reading your resume.

2- Match up your skills

Next step, review the job description on the advertisement and list the skills and knowledge they are looking for and match it with yours in the same order.

For instance, if the advertisement says “We are looking for hardworking, organized, working in a group and committed” here you need to indicate in your work experience that you are a hard worker. If you are a fresh graduate, don’t worry you can mention if you have organized school/college/university events, keep the records as these are perfect examples of being organized, working in a group, using initiative and sticking to deadlines, also were you a volunteer for a charity? This proves that you’re a committed individual.

3- Get Feedback

Finally, share your modified resume to a colleague or a friend to review the content, and check if it really matches the organization’s themes and job advertisement’s requirements, if so, then go ahead and submit your application.

Ali Al-Aradi

Ali Al-Aradi is Human Resource Development lecturer & writer. He works with individuals and organizations on different subjects to develop their understanding of self, purpose and meaning, and to move forward through career challenges.

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