For the small minority of people that have no idea how the term "Chicken nuggets" correlates with job hunting, we'll start by defining the term a little bit (to the best of our ability of course).

To define it, we decided to ask different people around Bahrain the question "What is a chicken nugget?", and here are some of the responses we got:

"A chicken nugget is a person who is a lot more comfortable talking to you in English than in Arabic, even if you tried speaking Arabic to them, their response would be 40% Arabic, 60% English."

"A chicken nugget is someone who is a bit global minded, they're very trendy, and they definitely don't fit the usual culture mold."

"A chicken nugget is the person who presses English Language when drawing money from an ATM."

and our personal favourite:

"A chicken nugget is basically the person who asks for chicken nuggets on the lunch table because they don't want to eat rice."

These are all great answers, but the question that's most important to answer today is if "Chicken Nuggets" are a better fit in the job market.We'd say no, despite the popular misconception.

Here are 3 reasons why some people might think you'd need to be a Chicken Nugget to get a job in Bahrain.

1- English is the market's language

Given that chicken nuggets excel in English, they're great candidates to hire to work in Bahrain's market. English is one of the most important skills to develop to enter the current job market.

However, where chicken nuggets have an advantage, they might also have a big disadvantage with Arabic, specifically in drafting letters and documents.

A chicken nugget working in Arabic

2- It's a global economy

The internet has opened up so many doors for business. Nowadays as an employee, you need to keep a look out for the up and coming global trends, and how these would affect your company. Chicken Nuggets are known to be a bit more tapped into the global trends, and if they could find ways to address these trends on a local level, and take advantage of them, they'd be getting the "employee of the month" status in no time.

Chicken nuggets are perceived to be more open minded towards different cultural values, and different business traditions, some businesses might view this as an advantage if they're a multinational enterprise.

3- The "They're more out there" excuse

A big stereotype about chicken nuggets is that they are thought to be a bit more career-oriented than their fellow colleagues, with more ambitious and inspiring goals to achieve. This stereotype presents the employer with an opportunity to connect their company's goals with the chicken nuggets' ambition.

Other than feeling like we should go and get some chicken nuggets for lunch for the office, we do not believe that being a chicken nugget affects you being hired! Here are the nuggets you should be taking from this article (pun intended):

  • Having a degree is no longer enough to get a job. You'd need to work and develop your skills beyond that great university degree.
  • If you need to work on your languages (both Arabic and English), start practicing. Don't be scared to ask Google Translate occasionally on better words that could be used!
  • Read more about the global industry of a company you're applying to, and understand how it affects the local reality here. For example, if you'd be joining a design agency, try to research the newest branding trends in the market.
  • If you're looking to get a job and growing in the company, set clear goals and pursue them with hunger. Employers value your attitude towards your learning and work a whole lot more than just a degree, don't forget that!

Alright, that's about it, now where are our nuggets!

Majra Team

We're a bunch of people who are on a mission to change the employment scene in the MENA region. The articles we write are to express our views and stand on the career development world!

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