Some of the most common questions we get from job seekers are along the lines of ‘Why have my applications not been shortlisted?’ or ‘Why can’t I get an interview?’
There may be several reasons as to why that may be, but the most common one is that ‘it just didn’t standout’. Now, this isn’t to say that you do not fit the job. You may be the right candidate that they’ve been looking for, but if the motivation statement you put in doesn’t stand out, you might just miss their attention.
If you’ve applied to jobs on Majra, you would’ve come across the ‘What’s your motivation to apply for this role?’ question. The motivation question is a way for employers to get a quick insight about you, and why you might be the right fit for the role they’re looking to fill.
Based on the applications we’ve come across, and studying what employers respond best to, we’ve narrowed it down to three things that each motivation statement had, that grabbed the attention:

1. It shows research has been done

Before you click apply, you should do your homework, take some time to get to know the company that might be your next workplace just as you’d like them to get to know you as a potential employee.
Research is the key here. Check out their profiles on Majra if they have more details, learn about the kind of work they do and the projects they’ve been involved in. Research helps you identify the following things:

  • If you believe there are opportunities for the company that they might have missed
  • The culture they have and if you would easily fit in
  • The personality of people they’re looking for

This information can help you craft a stronger statement. Here’s an example of an application for a software development role:

Why this works

  • It right away shows that the applicant did his homework
  • Shows that he was curious and committed enough to take the time to learn about the company before applying.
  • It also hooks in the employer by giving them an incentive to talk to the applicant because it’s useful to them.

2. It shows a personal connection to the role

Think of it like this, how many times do you respond to or even open broadcast messages that are not addressed to you or speak to you personally? Probably never, and it’s the same thing with sending one general application to different employers.
We can’t stress enough on how important it is to personalize your applications for every job you apply to. Here are some statements that we believe don’t work, and why they don’t:
“I’m applying to your esteemed organization as I believe I have the right skills and experience required for the role” Why doesn’t this work? You can use it for a 100 other companies really, there’s nothing personal nor does it give them any information about you.
“Please find my resume attached for your kind perusal” Why doesn’t this work? There’s nothing that would draw them to want to learn more about you, the hook is missing.
Here’s an example of one such application:

Why this works:

  • The applicant establishes a personal connection with the company, touching on their personal experience with the brand.
  • It ties-in the applicant’s knack for the job role as well as the larger picture of the company’s mission.

3. It shows your personality

If there’s one thing we really work towards here at Majra, it’s highlighting the importance of culture and personality fit between employers and job seekers.
Besides, your profile, the motivation question is another way to let your personality shine through. Whether you talk about your experiences that led to your career path or what your interests and aspirations are and how they connected with the role you are applying for, make sure to be genuine in your approach on how you would like to come across.
Here’s an example of a personality based application:

Why this works:

  • The applicant highlights her experiences and passions, without directly stating past job roles, which would intrigue the employers to give his profile a thorough look.
  • The applicant builds a connection between the organization and her personal career goals, establishing a shared mindset.

Hope this was helpful in giving you an idea of what works best and inspired you to take a different and more creative route for your next applications. However, keep in my mind, there is no one right way to apply, but as long as you put the work in and are earnest, you’re sure to shine through.
And as always, if you need any sort of support with your applications, or have any questions, or simply want to talk, we’re just an email away. You can reach us at [email protected], we’d love to hear from you.

Majra Team

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