Telp, a platform that enables students to find and book lessons with the right tutors, is not only working to ease the access to tutors but also towards building an educational community. Till date, Telp has helped over 2000 students and enabled more than 300 tutors to pursue their interest in teaching while securing an alternate source of income. We spoke to Ameena Abdulla, Founder and CEO of Telp, to tell us more about the vision behind Telp, and how the platform can support talented job seekers

How did Telp come about?

I came up with the idea for Telp when I was a Mass Communications student at the American University of Sharjah. I had always been fascinated with education and loved to tutor friends and family. Some of my friends at the university noticed this and recommended that I join the University's ‘Writing Center’ which is a peer to peer tutoring center where 'A' English students can tutor other students of all majors in writing. I was required to take a one-semester course where we studied peer tutoring and were trained on different teaching techniques. I then taught at the center for two years and was truly inspired by the outcomes on both a personal level and on a larger scale.
On a personal level, I was able to explore my passion in Education as well as earn an income, I tutored a diverse array of students including students with visual impairment as well as master level engineering students. On a larger level, I saw the impact the center had on the students, as it was solving a problem that majority of students face. I wanted to create a similar opportunity for 'A' students and graduates while simultaneously solving a widespread pain that students and parents face.
So a year after I came back to Bahrain I started working on the platform. I fully financed the launch myself by investing all my savings and the outcome has been outstanding

What impact are you hoping to create?

We aim to create a supportive knowledge-sharing community which offers academic support and enables future educators.
My favorite time of the month is when I'm looking over our accounts and see that Telp tutors are making up to BD 600 with Telp. We are creating jobs for hundreds of high caliber university students and graduates, some of whom are struggling to find jobs and others who need an extra source of income.
We also keep receiving heartwarming messages from parents telling us of their children's academic progress. My favorite message was when a mother told us it was the first time she saw her shy daughter actually interacting and responding to a tutor. These are the moments that keep us going.

What opportunities does Telp provide for young job seekers?

Telp enables high caliber individuals to start a tutoring career and allows them to enter the field of education and explore it as a viable career option. We understand that it's a tough job market and the importance of financial independence, and so Telp has been enabling qualified individuals to start earning an income. We have tutors making somewhere between 200 to 600 BD monthly, these are people who had never received a paycheck in the past. We are also working towards making tutoring with Telp a full time career option

To share a couple of tutors’ experiences; a tutor with us had always had a passion for education but never had the opportunity to pursue it. After 4 months of tutoring with Telp she left her day job, continued tutoring and landed a full-time teaching job at a private school. Another tutor had lost his day job after his company had to lay off employees after they went bankrupt. However, since with Telp he was making about 300-500 BD a month, he was able to maintain his financial security while looking for another job.
Many of our tutors are recent graduates struggling to find a job, so meanwhile as they look for jobs, they start tutoring in their field of study and get access to students from all age groups from all over Bahrain.

How can young people register to be tutors on Telp?

It's simple. Just sign up and select "Tutor", our team will get in touch in with you to complete your registration process and you can start tutoring!

Based on your experiences, what advice would you give to young job seekers in Bahrain?

Take on opportunities, don't hesitate. Apply to different opportunities and don't be afraid to try new things. These opportunities, no matter how small they may seem, will give you a great experience and allow you to explore yourself, finding out what you enjoy doing and what you're good at.

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