Many students don’t know what the ‘career world’ looks like because they haven’t worked a job before graduating university. Once they do, they try to look for their dream jobs but not many of them can find the right jobs.

Sometimes it’s about the lack of opportunities, other times it’s that they can’t reach the right people. Hundreds of CVs get to the HR every day, many of them go into trash or are stacked in the office drawers for weeks. Eventually, a few get employed either by luck or their qualifications.

Another factor is that many graduates feel unable to relate to relate to their field of study once they start working in it.

Here are a few tips on how to gain the right experience and knowledge of the ‘work world’ before even graduating:

1- Read and educate yourself about your major field and other fields

Reading helps you discover what you really want. If, for example, you are studying architecture, you can explore the different options under the field such as landscape architecture, graphic design, consulting, etc.

What is the exact field that you want to work in? You might even find that you’re no longer interested your field. Don’t worry there is always a way to get to what you want.

2- Work as a trainee or volunteer in companies that you are interested to work at

The best way to learn more about job is to experience it. When you experience the job you will get to know whether it suits you or not. You will get to know people and grow your network, especially if you worked in same industry that you want to work in. They may even call you for a job or a scholarship, you never know!

3- Use social media to market yourself

How can you reach the people who can employ you in future? The easiest and quickest way is social media. Use social media to market yourself by posting about what you are learning and achieving. This way you will attract people to know you and grow your professional network.

4- Attend and volunteer in forums and programs

When you attend forums you will learn and have fun, but the most important thing is that you have a chance to introduce yourself to the right people and get to know them, which may benefit you when you are looking for a job. At the same time, you can have a good learning experience from volunteering or participating.

5- Attend leadership and personality development courses

It’s always important to educate yourself and improve your skills, leadership and personality courses will help you improve yourself in many areas.

6- Learn new stuff, grow your knowledge

Do things that can improve your skills and abilities. Practice your hobbies. Learning and self-development is an ongoing quest.

7- Believe in yourself

This might be the last point but this is the most important. Believing in yourself will open to you whatever doors you have ever wanted.

These are my 7 points to gaining all round experiences before graduating. I hope some this can help when you go out hunting for your dream job.

Hala Al Murbati

An ambitious person who loves to discover and explore new things. A youth activist and volunteer in many organizations that are interested in training, leadership, and self development. Certified digital marketer, lifestyle blogger, and traveler. Be the change that you want to see in the world. Believe to achieve.

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