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It’s 2017 and the world has come a long way (well, almost) and so have our career and employment options. A few years ago, any career that wasn’t Medicine, Finance, Law or Engineering was not a career at all, specifically, in our part of the world. If you told your parents that you wanted to be anything besides a doctor or an engineer, you might as well put yourself up for adoption.

Here’s a list of career options your parents may not get (and how to explain it to them):

1. Blogger/Vlogger

What your parents think: “Posting on Instagram is not a job.”

What it is: In the last couple of years, Blogging has become an increasingly lucrative industry, with many local and regional blogger gaining popularity. Industries ranging from fashion, cosmetics to fitness, food and beverages all use bloggers’ services to reach their audiences and represent their brands. Bloggers provide a series of services, which include social media posts and reviews, pictures and videos, event appearances, hosting services and being a brand spokesperson/ambassador.

2. Gamer

What your parents think: “You want to play PlayStation all day, that’s all.”

What it is: Professional Gaming is just as real as any other professional sport. Professional video game players compete in professional video game tournaments for prize money. Pro-gamers play interactive games and even have their respective audience bases. If you love Gaming, you could also explore related options like Game Designer, Game Programmer or Game Tester.

3. Musician

What your parents think: “lol 3aib”

What it is: Music is one of the top paying creative industries globally. A lot regional indie music is gaining large following lately, while the Arab pop music industry is also very well established. So there’s that. If being in the spotlight is not your thing but you still love music, you can try out music production/distribution or even teaching music.

4. Writer

What your parents think: “You mean like Gibran?”

What it is: Writing is no longer limited to being just a hobby, especially with the increasing channels we have now. Whether it is blogging, content marketing or editorial writing, there are many ways to get your writing on, while you work on your big gig and build an audience base. As most of our communication (business or personal) moves online, the need for content creators is ever increasing and there is a huge market out there for new and engaging content.

5. Photographer

What your parents think: “That’s what you have Instagram for?”

What it is: Almost everyone can take a picture, but not everyone can take a beautiful picture. If you really want to pursue a career in photography, you’d need to find your niche, be it journalistic photography, nature photography, fashion photographer, visual design, cinematography or even food photography.

6. Artist/Painter/Cartoonist

What your parents think: “hahahahah no.”

What it is: The local and regional arts scene has been growing and evolving in terms of recognition and opportunities in the recent years. Artists of all the different spheres have not only been having numerous opportunities to showcase their work but also to merchandise it. Artists also have the benefit of translating and integrating their work into different mediums and no matter what industry it is, one way or another, art has become a major constituent of everyday life.

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