Imagine this: you walk into a large, noisy hall filled with hundreds - maybe thousands - of people, holding 40 printed copies of your CV. It’s crowded. Everything is overwhelming. You walk in rows, making eye contact with representatives from companies who seem scary and “out-of-your-league.” You exchange an awkward smile with them as you pass by. Sometimes, you’ll gather up the courage to go over, drop a copy of you CV, and run away before the representative even manages to talk to you. Most of the time, you’ll just move on without even interacting - all while thinking, “Oh, they probably wouldn’t hire me anyway.”

Sounds familiar? That is the experience of many job seekers who visit career fairs, a common event in today’s professional world both in Bahrain and globally. Majra, however, is seeking to change that with its first Career Fest, happening on Wednesday, September 18th at the Crowne Plaza in Manama. If you’re a job seeker looking to learn about opportunities in your field as well as expand your professional network, then this engaging, social, and exciting event is for you.

Here are 6 reasons why you should register for Majra’s Career Fest:

  1. One-on-One Interaction with Employers

    One of the career fest’s key events that distinguishes it from a regular career fair is a Talent Speed Networking event, which includes short one-on-one interviews with 20+ employers from 3 different fields (Technology, Business, and Web Media/Design). Through these, you’ll be able to ask about the company’s work and culture, as well as add new connections to your professional network. You’ll get the chance to make an impression within seconds - and not feel like you’re being interviewed for hours upon hours. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve talked to a friend as opposed to someone scary.

  2. Majra Will Actually Prepare You for It

    Gone are the days where you interact with a potential employer - only to not know what to ask or how to leave a good impression. Majra’s got you covered. Majra will be hosting a prep workshop for selected candidates on September 13th-14th. In it, experts will go over possible questions you might be asked, questions you can ask, and how to do your homework on the employers in attendance. You’ll be standing out without any effort.

  3. You Get to Choose What Works for You

    Interested in a finance or accounting job? Want to apply your photography skills in a professional setting? No problem. Majra split up the employers attending to 3 tracks - Technology, Business, and Web Media/Design - to make things easier for you. This way, you’ll get to spend more time meeting employers in your field specifically and avoid wasting any time. After the Talent Speed Networking event, there will be multiple workshops held by various employers on different topics - and you get to choose which one is most suitable for you!

  4. A Wide Variety of Activities

    The Career Fest is so much more than just professional networking. Majra has a variety of activities to keep you engaged throughout the day, such as an open networking period with other employers, activation installations, a Majra booth to assist you with your profile, and much more!

  5. No Printed CV/Paper Free

    Employers will be given access to your Majra profiles - which include your CVs - ahead of the event and after it. No need to waste paper or rush around looking for a printer! Plus, you’ll be doing our planet a favor.

  6. Free Coffee and Food

    Because who doesn’t love those?

    So what are you waiting for - register now for the Fest by visiting here. The registration deadline is Tuesday September 10th. Get one step closer to your dream job!

Majra Team

We're a bunch of people who are on a mission to change the employment scene in the MENA region. The articles we write are to express our views and stand on the career development world!

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