1- I’m not looking for a job that suits me

I always thought that I must look for a job that suits my major. After doing that, I found myself even more lost because I figured out I don’t really like the job or field. Statistics show that only 28% of people globally work in professions that fit their educational background…


Because they chose a career and major that suits their personalities and makes use of their strength. Learning about your values, life & career goals, interests and hobbies would give you an insight to what kind of job/career suits you. When you can link your true self to a profession, this is when you shine.

Did you know that only 33% of Bahraini youth know their hobbies?

2- My profile is not attractive

Wake up and understand that the job market is not as easy and being a Bahraini is not enough to get you a job. Organizations look for talents who will benefit them and if your knowledge, competencies and skills are average, tough luck but no.

You shouldn’t be average, your skills must be strong and experience very rich. Having a degree with a high GPA might not always work, because organizations want humans. Humans are social, they work with other people, they solve problems, they initiate and are always hard-working and positive. Organizations want that. A high GPA and some summer programs would not help.

Simply find ways to gain knowledge, skills and competencies and become unique.

3- I’m looking for a job title

Usually job titles are linked to our majors or specialization. Don’t let it be that! During your studies you gained many transferrable skills which could be used in other jobs and careers. Don’t limit yourself to a job title or a sector. Open your eyes to all opportunities available.

….you never know, you might find that dream job you secretly wanted.

4- My network is useless

Other than Google, being a great job search tool, there’s a more powerful one, it’s your network of people. It’s proven that the more people you know, the easier it is to find a job. Work on that…. reach out and know as many people as you can in all backgrounds of life. These people can let you know if companies are recruiting, they can recommend you as an employee, they can also give you insights on the job market. You can gain so much just by knowing the right people.

“Your Network is your Net Worth” - Porter Gale

5- Working at the big boys

The big boys are the usually big / glamorous / well-known / best paying employers in town. From big multinationals like Google & Starbucks to local hotshots like Bapco and Batelco. These big boys not only are a major target of all the graduates in Bahrain, but global talents are also snatching up positions with them. You’ll be competing with over 5000 people for each position.

Try checking out the smaller organizations. The start-ups scene in the Kingdom is growing like crazy, why not work with them?!

Yes, money might not be guaranteed like the big boys; but the experiences could propel your skills and competencies like pop-corn oozing out from the pop-corn machine at the cinema.

Looking for a job is a full-time job, and if done correctly finding a job will take a fraction of the time.

Until next time,

Good luck!

Mohamed Ali

Mohamed Ali is a passionate humanitarian who strives to empower future generations through his work as Community Advisor at Tamkeen as well as organizations such as AIESEC, Tumooh and Ayadi Relief. Having past experiences in recruitment and career advisory, Mohammed is dedicated to youth development and career coaching.

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