Self-development is a constant and there is no one way to go about it. The process of learning, unlearning, growing and evolving is something everyone has to go through at different points in their lives and career. When it comes to career development though people may often feel lost or uninspired, not knowing where to start or which direction to take or where to find a support system that gets them.

It is mainly about finding the right place or group of like-minded people who are on the same path as you and would help make your journey a lot more enriching.

We asked some really cool people we know about their experiences with various organizations they’ve worked with and vouch by as places anyone aspiring for career progression and personal development should look into, and this is what they had to say:

Global Shapers (website)

Global Shapers Manama hub is part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers initiative. The hub’s members include young professionals from different fields and backgrounds, who come together to create positive contributions in their local communities.

“Other than the great network and the great people inside the hub that challenge you and help you grow, I joined Shapers to work on social issues. The fact that young people can collaborate and work on projects that impact and shape their societies is a unique opportunity and we are lucky to be able to do that in our hub.” – Mahmood Zeyad

AIESEC (website)

AIESEC is one of the largest global youth run organizations providing a platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. AIESEC in Bahrain provides various developmental opportunities in form of its membership and exchange programs.

“During my time working with AIESEC it practically taught me how organizations work; procedures in operations, managing finances and resources sustainably, planning future goals/targets, building a strategy and structure to support it. Business models, critical thinking, and networking. This impacted me when it comes to my career development, as I'm confidently able to effectively communicate with companies and organizations, understand the needs and share how I can contribute and add value to their business. I learnt the essential skills that are needed for us, the young generation as we need to experience this now at a young age, so we can adapt to the future of the changing world.” – Hussain Shafei

Toastmasters (website)

Toastmasters is an international community dedicated to empowering leadership by developing their communication skills. Toastmasters members improve their communication and leadership skills in a supportive and encouraging environment along with their peers in their local clubs. There are over 80 clubs in Bahrain. The Toastmasters platform aims to create leaders, not just speakers, there are numerous short term and long term roles that you can take in Toastmasters.

“My home club is Bahrain Society of Engineers Toastmasters club (BSE), and contrary to what it might look like, our members come from different sectors and ages, not only engineers, which gives me as a member a spectrum of ideas to learn from. At BSE Toastmasters Club, the atmosphere is very friendly giving you a platform to practice your leadership and speaking skills. Within my first six months, with the help of my mentor and peers, I was able to win 7 different trophies at various stages of the International speaking competitions. Through my experience at job interviews, I can tell you that Toastmasters is quite well-known and recognized amongst HR professionals and whenever an interviewer spotted Toastmasters on my CV, it gave them a positive impression.
You can visit BSE Toastmasters club and experience what Toastmasters can offer you. Check BSE Toastmasters Instagram (@BSE.TMC) to learn more, or send me a message and I'd be happy to guide you through your Toastmasters journey.” – Zahraa Dagher

Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs (website)

The Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs aims to enable youth develop as productive Bahraini citizens with a global contribution, through their various services, centers and programs. Young people get to participate in local regional and international classes, workshops, conferences, competitions and volunteering opportunities in the fields of Science, Arts, Personal Development, Sports, and Media.

“It is easy to say that my passion for education and youth development started when my father signed me up for my first astronomy class as a 4th grader at the Science Centre, because I never left the MYS community since! I have worked my way up to being a volunteer, part-time employee a full-time employee and now a contracted consultant and trainer. At the same time, the ministry granted me opportunities to represent Bahrain in regional and international conferences that expanded my personal and professional network. I did not just train in science, arts, media, leadership, but I also built long lasting personal relationships.” - Hamad Alghareeb

INJAZ (website)

A part of Junior Achievement Worldwide, INJAZ Bahrain works on developing ‘business ready’ youth through their various programs, workshops and activities. Besides providing students training and development opportunities, INJAZ also offers graduates and professionals who are passionate about training and education the platform to volunteer as trainers, providing them with all the tools and resources required. INJAZ’s Internship Program also gives young people the opportunity to transition into the work world and grow their knowledge and experience base.

“My involvement with the INJAZ program, specifically that involving elementary level school children, gave me the opportunity to prepare and interact with the upcoming generation that will one day lead our dear Kingdom. Perhaps the most important lesson I learnt was that "Everyone is Talented". When you meet students and provide them with information, but in a different way and as it suits their learning styles, the outcomes are very much positive and encouraging. This experience taught me the power of education, where if it is lost we will lose our identity, but if it is built upon its power is truly admirable. I will continue volunteering and providing all that I possibly can, as we seek together to raise our society, and strive together to achieve success, prosperity and progression.” - Abdulrahman Nabeel Almutawaa

Najma Ghuloom

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