Many students tend to believe that college graduation is a necessary precondition to venture the business-seeking waters. The popular belief that you need to get that diploma before you start building your career is simply unsound. Your career can start the day you feel confident enough to pursue it and competent enough to start applying for jobs. With that being said, students may indeed need some help landing that first job prior to graduating.

If you're thinking about starting your career but you're intimidated by the whole process, just take a minute to breathe. We've put together a detailed guide to help you land that job you're aiming for. Therefore, keep reading and learn about the 4 tips which will help you succeed in getting a job before you get your diploma.

Let’s break it down together.

  1. Focus on a Goal

    Knowing exactly what you want is the key step in the job finding process.

    It’s important that you understand the industry you’re about to step in, available job positions, and your aspirations.

    If you keep things blurry and undefined, you won’t be able to work hard towards achieving a specific goal. Therefore, you need to:
    -focus on a job position you’re interested in. -learn as much about it as possible. -aim all your efforts toward that one goal.
    If you have one goal you’re trying to reach, you have much greater chances of actually succeeding. Think everything through and know what you’re after.

  2. Polish Your Online Profile

    From the moment you start looking for a job, you need to think of yourself as a brand.

    That means that you have a professional identity, style, and uniqueness.

    However, before you get to show this off on a live interview, you need to make it visible in your online profile as well.

    There's a high chance that an interviewing manager will Google your name before determining whether to schedule an interview with you or not.

    This means that you need to: -build a LinkedIn profile
    If you don't have one, make it ASAP. If you do have on, refine it to make it shine. That includes:

    • a professional headshot
    • a comprehensive summary
    • an attention-grabbing headline

    Make sure people realize you’ve put in a lot of effort to make that profile professional and neat. It will tell them a lot about your work ethic and potential.

    -neaten your social media profiles
    Most of us have opened a Facebook account almost ten years ago and have used Instagram to post all kinds of private images. It's time to review your social media profiles and remove anything inappropriate.

    This way, you’re making sure potential employers and hiring managements get to see you in a strictly professional light, and not as a silly young student with no experience.

  3. Start Making Contacts

    Networking in the right circles is another requirement in the process of landing your first job. You never know which step you make can open the right doors for you.

    Thus, you should start actively networking and working on making as many professional contacts as possible.

    Here's a couple of ways you can do it:

    -Connect with people on LinkedIn
    Find colleagues, students, professors, hiring managers, company owners and anyone connected to your intended industry.

    -Attend seminars and webinars
    Continue to learn outside of college by attending educational gatherings online or in person. This will give you a chance to meet the right people and learn something new.

    Be prepared to work for free in exchange for the valuable experience and acquiring new skills. In addition, get to know the people around you and make sure they remember you.

    -Follow professionals online
    Find and follow leaders, mentors, and successful professionals in your area of expertise on social media and listen to what they have to say. Find inspiration and guidance in their words.

    You have to get actively involved in networking and work on making contacts on every step of the way. This will guide you and open some new opportunities.

  4. Apply, Apply, Apply

    Even if you're a great student, with a stunning LinkedIn profile and a rich experience, hiring managers aren't just going to contact you out of the blue.

    You can’t count on being lucky when it comes to landing a job. On the contrary, you need to be effective and persistent.

    Make sure you invest at least an hour every day to:
    -look for jobs online -check out the companies you strive for and whether they’ve posted an opening position -send out your applications
    In the process of applying make sure that you show off your professional skills:

    - proofread everything
    Don’t let a spelling mistake ruin your chances of getting the job you want. Make sure you proofread your CV, motivational letter, email body text, and anything you write.

    If you feel you need a hand with this, check out these college academic writing services for some help.
    show commitment
    Don’t use one generic CV or motivational letter and send it to hundreds of companies. Make sure you do some research about each of the companies you’re applying for and modify your application documentation accordingly.

    In addition, remember one thing: you never know how many applications you need to submit before you land that job. Therefore, be persistent and continue applying until you get it.

Final Thoughts

If you're determined to get that job, nothing can stop you. With the right mindset and justified self-confidence, you'll be able to work your way to the job you desire. Just because you’re still a student doesn't mean you’re not ready for it.

Hopefully, our 4 key tips will guide you through the process of job-seeking and you'll land that job sooner than you hope. Make sure you use our advice wisely and stay focused on your goals.

Daniela McVicker

Daniela McVicker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a contributor to RatedByStudents. She graduated from Durham University and has an MA in psychological science. Her passion is traveling and finding ways to enrich students’ learning experience.

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