Couple of weeks ago, Bahrain Polytechnic celebrated the graduation of class of 2016! We went ahead and asked some of their graduates a simple question. “If money was not a problem, what would you want to be doing?

As young Millennials themselves, ready to join the job market, we wanted to catch them fresh in the moment when they’re in that spot between being a student and an employee. The time to start making life choices on your own!

We got their interesting answers here on this video...

We learned that the top 4 things stopping them from taking on the career of their dreams are:

1. Career Guidance

During university, most students’ goal is simply to graduate and they get too preoccupied with it that what comes after is not something they take time to think of. Then once they graduate they realize they need financial security so they jump on to the first ‘salary-paying job’ they can land, get comfortable with the pay and let go of their ambitious student dreams.

2. Guts!

Most of their young and ambitious dreams are really big! They simply scare them and they know they’ll have to give up some really comfortable and secure things on their way. Taking the easy way out just feels ‘more safe’.

3. Education

A lot of the majors that students may be passionate about aren’t even be available at universities in Bahrain. Fields like astrophysics, culinary sciences, music studies, political science and other forms of arts are subjects that are getting increasingly popular but yet deemed as ‘insecure’ fields to major in. Besides the lack of options, when deciding on a field of major in, parents can highly influence the students’ decisions and the things that may have once interested them are either reduced to ‘hobbies’ or ‘extracurricular’.

4. Time

How common is the notion of ‘’I want to do the things I enjoy or start something up but I don’t have the time now”? Once people ‘settle into’ their seemingly safe jobs that pay their bills, they may seem to get too comfortable with the lifestyle and their once ambitious dreams are faded out by the haze of daily routine.

Always remember that once you graduate you have 2-3 years’ window to do something you’re passionate about, take risks, test and try different things. Majra wishes you a career path full of challenges, passion and growth.

Majra Team

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