Start of the week again and you’re still probably stuck in weekend mode and welcoming all sorts of distractions to put off getting on with the work week. Procrastinating is quite normal, (even Leonardo da Vinci took about four years to paint the Mona Lisa) we all need a few minutes of stress free distractions to help us focus better, but if unchecked, we may lose hours of precious work time to these little distractions. Studies show that every time you check email or social media notifications, your mind requires 23 minutes of re-focus time to get back on task.

But don’t fret, we have made you a list of helpful and easy-to-use apps/sites that would help keep your procrastination in check.

1. RescueTime

It is very easy to get lost in the rabbit hole that is the internet, a few seconds of checking social media notifications, listening to that new #1 song or googling random facts can be very tempting and then you look up the screen to realize half the day is gone by but how? RescueTime helps you track the time you spend online on various sites and identify your ‘time-eaters’ and manage your online activities better.

2. Freedom

If you have even been nostalgic for a time when the internet was as prominent part of our lives as it is today, Freedom is the app for you. It allows to ward off distractions by blocking certain sites that are time-eaters (check RescueTime) for a specified duration from 45 minutes up to 8 hours. On days that you need to completely be focused on work and don’t exactly trust your willpower to stay away from social media, Freedom is your go-to.

3. Tomato Timer

We mainly procrastinate because we dread long daunting tasks. But sometimes that solution to get started can be as simple as splitting the task into several mini milestones and that’s where Tomato Timer comes into play. This is the easiest to use to use and ‘to the point’ site there is. Tomato-Timer is based on the well-known Pomodoro Technique, focus on the task at hand for 25 minutes and then reward yourself with a five-minute break. It allows you set a timer, with scheduled breaks to help you get more done efficiently.

4. Pocket

There is no shortage of interesting information and material on the internet and by some universal law, all these interesting articles and pieces seem to pop up right when you are in middle of some important work. Pocket allows you to save all the interesting articles, videos and more to go back to later. Once saved, the list of content can be accessed from any device at any time, even offline. No more boring social scrolling on long queues.

BONUS: Donothingfor2minutes

But if you still feel like procrastinating or taking a short break, try Donothingfor2minutes. The site is great for short meditation and breathing techniques for 2 minutes. Move your mouse, and the clock starts over.

Najma Ghuloom

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