If you currently are or have ever been through the job hunting phase, then you know that job hunting in itself is a full-time job. And just like any job, it requires proper planning, time management, and effort. Though it is understandable why it may not always seem so clear cut, as there are no instant rewards and it can be a long and tedious process. To help ease the pain, here are some tried and tested tools that can make job hunting a little easier and more engaging.


Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker that can easily be installed on your browser. You can even upload documents on Grammarly for checks and edits. It’s basically like having a personal proofreader and editor every time you write up an email or cover letter.


Ever wondered if an application you’ve sent over email has even been viewed by an employer? Then Saleshandy is the answer. Saleshandy is an email tracking tool that allows you to track emails you’ve sent and even schedule and automate email templates.


The internet is overwhelmingly filled with 100s of resume templates, but building a custom resume has never been easier than with Novoresume, an easy to use resume builder that would help you create a professional quality resume in minutes.


When you are full-time job hunting, you may lose track of all the jobs you’ve applied for or which companies you’re supposed to follow up with. Trello is a simple to use online pinboard which you can use to track and manage your job applications. You can categorize jobs (interested, applied, interview done, etc), schedule events and tasks by syncing with your calendar (interviews, calls, etc), and set reminders. It is a great way to visualize your job search progress and keep yourself accountable.

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