As you could tell by the title, this one is probably going to be along the lines of those ‘new year, new me’ type articles (we tried to resist). In about three hundred and sixty-six days (it was a leap year), a lot can change, and so do our choices, priorities, and decisions and there is nothing wrong with that. A new year gives us an opportunity to look back at our past choices and decide how we’d want to move forward.

As a very eventful and tumultuous 2016 comes to an end, we thought it’s a perfect time to re-evaluate some of our career choices. As we keep emphasizing in everything we do at Majra, it is extremely important that we ask ourselves questions that matter when it comes to doing what we love.

Here are a few things you should take a few minutes to consider when it comes to your ‘Majra’ in life (see what we did there?)

1. Am I better at what I do than I was a year back?

One important aspect of what turns mere ‘jobs’ into ‘careers’ is the growth factor. Almost anyone can do a certain task if trained enough, but it is how they turn that into a skill that matters. In the time that you have been working, how much have you grown, what have you learned, how does that measure up to where you’d like to reach someday? All these questions are important to ask yourselves to help identify the roadblocks to your growth, if any, and how to overcome them.

2. Am I just as excited about what I do as I was a year back?

The prospect of a new job or a new position is always exciting, even when we may not fully understand what it entails. It is new, so it must be better than the old, right? Not always. Once the glimmer of the freshness fades and the reality hits, we may begin to realize that the chic sounding job title or the corner desk aren’t as exciting as they once seemed. When we are told that we actually have a ‘great job’ with ‘great benefits’ that many would kill for, we tend to believe those opinions as facts and learn to ‘deal with what we are dealt’ because it is safer than an uncertain alternative. But the truth is that there is no such thing as a ‘good job’, just a job that makes YOU feel ‘good’ and it is time you try to figure what that means to you.

3. What is it that really matters to me?

Another reason we may tend to avoid thinking about changing your career paths are the finances. Maybe the job opening that looked exciting doesn’t pay as well, or that raise that you’re up for comes with a lot of undesired tasks. It may seem impractical to give that up and you’d convince yourselves that this is necessary because it helps provide a better lifestyle. But on another hand, when you hear about an ex-colleague or a classmate who quit their well-paying job to pursue their passion, you couldn’t help but momentarily wonder ‘what if’. As important as financial stability is when it comes to major decisions, would you rather ride to a job you dread in a brand new car or happily drive to a job you love in a slightly run-down car?

You may be at different points in our careers; you may just be fresh off university, full of vigor to explore the employment world, or maybe still figuring your path out, or somewhere between jobs, or quite possibly content with your current job with a few years of experience under your belt. No matter where it is that you stand, we all have our moments of contemplation, of asking ‘what now’ or ‘is this it’ or ‘have I made it yet’.

Well, the truth is we may never know, so do not feel the pressure to have it all figured out just yet. No one has it all figured, no matter what they may say. When you are a twenty-something, trying to make sense of the world around you, exploring and learning while simultaneously being expected to make life-altering decisions, it can get a little overwhelming (maybe more than a little). But in that chaos lies the beauty of it all.

Majra Team

We're a bunch of people who are on a mission to change the employment scene in the MENA region. The articles we write are to express our views and stand on the career development world!

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